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भाग संख्या WT6703F
समारोह low power consumption and low cost microcontroller
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WT6703F pdf
WT6703F Product Description v083
1. General Description
The WT6703F is a low power consumption and low cost microcontroller for system power manager with
1)Turbo 8051 compatible (3T) CPU, 2) 8051 2 timers and UART, 3) 8K bytes flash memory, 4) 384 bytes
SRAM, 5) 2 8-bit PWMs, 6) DPMS detector, 7) Two Slave I2C interface, 8) 4 channel 8-bit A/D converter,
9) Hardware CEC, 10) Real Time Clock, 11) watch-dog timer, 12) Power down mode, 13) Embedded
ISP, 14) Embedded ICE mode.
1.1. Features
Embedded turbo 8051 CPU
Normal operation mode : 12MHz, 6MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz
Stand by mode : 32KHz
Instruction execution time : Min. =250ns at 12Mhz
Memory :
Flash memory: 8K Bytes
RAM: 384 Bytes (include 128bytes H/W DDC SRAM)
2 8051 timers: Timer0, Timer1
1 8051 UART, support baud rate 115200 – 1200 at RC oscillator =12MHz.
Sync processor for monitoring DPMS (VGA connector) wake up signal
8-bit A/D converter with 4 selectable inputs, shared with IO pin
Tri-state I/O structure, Input state can decided by external resister (pull high or pull low)
2 PWM pin output
1 DDC/CI interface
1 slave mode IIC interface
Universal IR Receiver
Watch Dog timer
Low voltage reset
32.768KHz crystal Oscillator & build-in RC Oscillator
Build-in RTC
Maximum 22 programmable IO pins
22-IO: 28 pin package
18-IO: 24 pin package
14-IO: 20 pin package
11-IO: 16 pin package
Power consumption :
Typical 8mA at 12Mhz mode
Typical 4mA at 2Mhz mode
Typical 2mA at low speed mode(32KHz)
Operating voltage range : 3.6V – 3.0V
1.2. Application
Display system power management MCU with RTC.
I/O expander with RTC and ADC.
Copyright© 2008 Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Weltrend reserves right to modify all information contained in this document without notice.

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