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भाग संख्या GS1670A
समारोह HD/SD SDI Receiver
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Semtech 
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GS1670A pdf
Application: Multi-format Digital VTR/Video Server
V ideo Output
or GS2984)
AUDIO 1/ 2
AUDIO 3/ 4
AUDIO 5/ 6
AUDIO 7/ 8
Audio Clocks
Storage :
Tape/HDD/Solid State
Audio Outputs
The GS1670A is a multi-rate SDI Receiver which includes
complete SMPTE processing, as per SMPTE 292 and SMPTE
259M-C. The SMPTE processing features can be bypassed to
support signals with other coding schemes.
The device features an Integrated Reclocker with an
internal VCO and a wide Input Jitter Tolerance (IJT) of 0.7UI.
A serial digital loop-through output is provided, which can
be configured to output either reclocked or non-reclocked
serial digital data. The serial digital output can be connected
to an external cable driver.
The device operates in one of four basic modes: SMPTE
mode, DVB-ASI mode, Data-Through mode or Standby
In SMPTE mode, the GS1670A performs SMPTE
de-scrambling and NRZI to NRZ decoding and word
alignment. Line-based CRC errors, line number errors, TRS
errors and ancillary data check sum errors can all be
detected. The GS1670A also provides ancillary data
extraction. The entire ancillary data packet is extracted,
and written to host-accessible registers. Other processing
functions include H:V:F timing extraction, Luma and
Chroma ancillary data indication, video standard detection,
and SMPTE 352M packet detection and decoding. All of the
processing features are optional, and may be enabled or
disabled via the Host Interface.
In DVB-ASI mode, 8b/10b decoding is applied to the
received data stream.
In Data-Through mode all forms of SMPTE and DVB-ASI
processing are disabled, and the device can be used as a
simple serial to parallel converter.
The device can also operate in a lower power Standby
mode. In this mode, no signal processing is carried out and
the parallel output is held static.
Parallel data outputs are provided in 20-bit or 10-bit
multiplexed format for HD and SD video rates. The
associated Parallel Clock input signal operates at 148.5 or
148.5/1.001MHz (HD 10-bit multiplexed modes), 74.25 or
74.25/1.001MHz (for HD 20-bit mode), 27MHz (for SD 10-bit
mode) and 13.5MHz (for SD 20-bit mode).
Up to eight channels, in two groups, of serial digital audio
may be extracted from the video data stream, in accordance
with SMPTE 272M and SMPTE 299M. The output signal
formats supported by the device include AES/EBU and
three other industry standard serial digital formats. 16, 20
and 24-bit audio formats are supported at 48kHz
synchronous for SD modes and 48kHz synchronous or
asynchronous in HD mode. Additional audio processing
features include group selection, channel swapping, ECC
error detection and correction (HD mode only), and audio
channel status extraction. Audio clock and control signals
provided by the device include Word Clock (fs), Serial Clock
(64fs), and Audio Master Clock at user-selectable rates of
128fs, 256fs or 512fs.
GS1670A HD/SD SDI Receiver
Data Sheet
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September 2012
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