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डेटा पत्रक - Preconfigured DSP System - ON Semiconductor

भाग संख्या R3920
समारोह Preconfigured DSP System
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स ON Semiconductor 
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Adaptive Feedback Canceller Automatically reduces
acoustic feedback. It allows for an increase in the stable gain
while minimizing artifacts for music and tonal input signals.
Additional tuning parameters make for more precise tuning
of the algorithm to the hearing aid. The development tools
for the R3920 offer a special calibration module to help
assess the maximum stable gain in the hearing aid the
manufacturer has built to further optimize the Adaptive
Feedback Canceller algorithm.
Adaptive Noise Reduction The Adaptive Noise
Reduction algorithm monitors noise levels independently in
128 individual bands and employs advanced psychoacoustic
models to reduce noise and provide user comfort. The
algorithm can be set for varying levels of aggressiveness
from 3 dB up to 12 dB.
Automatic Receiver Detection For ReceiverinCanal
(RIC) devices with field replaceable receivers, R3920
allows manufacturers to code different receiver types so
they are automatically recognizable in software, eliminating
potential selection errors.
Tinnitus Masking R3920 is equipped with a noise
source that can be used to mask tinnitus. The noise can be
shaped and attenuated and then summed into the audio path
either before or after the volume control. A white noise
signal is generated and inserted into the audio path either
before or after the volume control. Filtering can be
performed on the white noise signal in order to shape the
noise signal to a desired frequency and bandwidth. The
tinnitus masker can be used as a stand alone tinnitus making
device or as part of a hearing aid.
EVOKEt Advanced Acoustic Indicators Allows
hearing aid manufacturers to provide more pleasing,
multifrequency tones simulating musical notes or chords to
indicate events such as program or volume changes.
Insitu Tone Generator The narrowband noise
stimulus feature can be used for insitu validation of the
hearing aid fitting. The frequency, level and duration of the
stimuli are individually adjustable.
Other Key Features R3920 also supports the following
features: FrontWave® directional processing, builtin
feedback path measurement, cross fading between audio
paths for clickfree program changes, 16band graphic
equalizer, 8 generic biquad filters (configurable as
parametric or other filter types), programming speed
enhancements, optional peak clipping, flexible compression
adjustments, direct interfaces to analog or digital volume
control, rocker switch, direct audio input and telecoil.
Rhythm R3920 also encompasses industryleading security
features to avoid cloning and software piracy.
Support Tools
Hybrid Jig
DSP3 Programming Box
ARK Software Support
16 Channel WDRC
Advanced Research Algorithms:
Impulse Noise Reduction (INR)
iSceneDetect Environmental Classification
Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphones (ADM)
FrontWave Directionality
128band Adaptive Noise Reduction
NextGeneration Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
iLog 4.0 Datalogging
Tinnitus Masking Noise Generator
Evoke Acoustic Indicators
Auto Telecoil with Programmable Delay
Feedback Path Measurement Tool
AGCO with Variable Threshold, Time Constants, and
Optional Adaptive Release
16band Graphic Equalizer
NarrowBand Noise Stimulus
SDA or I2C Programming
8 Biquadratic Filters
4 Analog Inputs
16 kHz or 8 kHz Bandwidth
6 Fully Configurable Memories with Audible Memory
Change Indicator
96 dB Input Dynamic Range with HRXt Headroom
128bit Fingerprint Security System and Other Security
Features to Protect Against Device Cloning and
Software Piracy
High Fidelity Audio CODEC
Soft Acoustic Fade between Memory Changes
Drives ZeroBias 2Terminal Receivers
Internal or External Digital Volume Control with
Programmable Range
Rocker Switch Support
Support for Active Hi or Active Lo Switching
20bit Audio Processing
thinSTAX® Packaging
E1 RoHS Compliant Hybrid
These Devices are PbFree and are RoHS Compliant
Packaging Information
Hybrid Typical Dimensions:
0.220 x 0.125 x 0.060 in.
(5.59 x 3.18 x 1.52 mm)

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