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डेटा पत्रक - Flat Panel Display Control Sub-MCU - Weltrend

भाग संख्या WT61P8
समारोह Flat Panel Display Control Sub-MCU
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Weltrend 
लोगो Weltrend लोगो 
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WT61P8 pdf
WT61P8 v1.01
Flat Panel Display Control Sub-MCU
V1.01 04/17/2008 This Book
1. Add CEC application circuit on section 7.4
2. Update Electrical characteristics description
V1.00 11/26/2007
V0.98 7/16/2007
3. Update DDC/IIC data flow and flow chart on page 34~39.
4. Update electrical characteristic.
V0.97 7/3/2007
5. Update DDC/IIC register description, data flow and flow chart on page 34~39.
6. Add product Tube and Tape & Reel specifications
7. Update “MCU clock option diagram” on page 14
V0.96 6/7/2007
8. Add HV sync process block diagram on page 24.
9. Update PWM_CLK description on system level register.
10. Change Flash memory size to 64K from 52K
11. Update SFR register description on page 10~12
12. Update All register map on page41~42
V0.95 5/07/2007
1. Add XTAL_CLK(index 01H-bit2) for XTAL clock divider.
2. Update PWM_CLK description on system level register.
3. Add “WDT[2]” (index08-bit2) for watchdog timer reset pulse selector.
4. Change flash memory size to 52k from 64k.
V0.94 4/4/2007
1. Update UART naming
2. Add RTC block diagram in chapter 4.14
3. Update system reset description.
V0.93 2/8/2007
1. Update T2CON register on page 12.
2. Add interrupt flow chart on page 20.
V0.92 2/5/2007
1. Update memory mapping on page 8.
V0.91 1/30/2007
1. Update function block diagram on page 7.
2. Update HV Sync DPMS detector diagram on page 22.
V0.90 1/27/2006
Preliminary data sheet.
Copyright© 2008 Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Weltrend reserves right to modify all information contained in this document without notice.
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