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डेटा पत्रक - (Graphics LCD Controller/Driver with Key Scan Function) - Hitachi Semiconductor

भाग संख्या HD66725
समारोह (Graphics LCD Controller/Driver with Key Scan Function)
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Hitachi Semiconductor 
लोगो Hitachi Semiconductor लोगो 
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HD66725 pdf
Vcc = 1.8 to 5.5 V (low voltage)
VLCD = 3.0 to 6.5 V (liquid crystal drive voltage)
Single, double or triple booster for liquid crystal drive voltage
Contrast adjuster and voltage followers to decrease direct current flow in the LCD drive bleeder-
Wake-up feature using key scan interrupt
Programmable drive duty ratios and bias values displayed on LCD
Clock-synchronized serial interface
4-/8-bit bus interface capability (except when key scan circuit is used)
80 × 8-bit display data RAM (80 characters max)
20,736-bit (6 × 8 dots : 432 characters) character generator ROM
384 × 8-bit (64 characters) character generator RAM
96 × 2-bit (192 segment-icons and marks max) segment RAM
72- (96-) segment × 26-common-signal liquid crystal display driver
Programmable display sizes and duty ratios
Vertical and horizontal smooth scrolls
Vertical double-height display
Selectable CGROM memory bank (max. 432 fonts)
Wide range of instruction functions:
Clear display, display on/off control, icon and mark control, character blink, black-white reversed
blinking cursor, return home, cursor on/off, black-white reversed raster-row
No wait time for instruction execution and RAM access (zero instruction)
Internal oscillation (with external or built-in resistor) hardware reset
Shift change of segment and common driver
Slim chip with bumps for chip-on-glass (COG) mounting, and tape carrier package (TCP)
Table 1 Progammable Display Sizes and Duty Ratios
Character Display
Duty Optimum
Ratio Drive Bias HD66724
1/2 1/2
Unavailable Unavailable
1/10 1/4
1 line x 12 1 line x 16
characters characters
1/18 1/5
2 lines x 12 2 lines x 16
characters characters
1/26 1/6
3 lines x 12 3 lines x 16
characters characters
Graphics Display
Segment Scanned General
Display Keys Ports
Unavailable Unavailable
32 (4 x 8) 3
72 x 8 dots 96 x 8 dots HD66724:
72 x 16 dots 96 x 16 dots HD66725:
72 x 24 dots 96 x 24 dots

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