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डेटा पत्रक - 2 Channel 15A Motor Controller - BasicMicro

भाग संख्या B0097
समारोह 2 Channel 15A Motor Controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स BasicMicro 
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B0097 - RoboClaw 2 Channel 15A Motor Controller Data
Feature Overview:
• 2 Channel at 15Amp, Peak 30Amp
• Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC)
• Switching Mode BEC
• Hobby RC Radio Compatible
• Serial Mode
• T TL Input
• Analog Mode
• 2 Channel Quadrature Decoding
• Thermal Protection
• Lithium Cut Off
• P acket Serial
• High Speed Direction Switching
• Flip Over Switch
• Over Current Protection
• R egenerative Braking
S1 S2 S3
Basic Description
The RoboClaw 2X15 Amp is an extremely efcient, versatile, dual channel synchronous regenerative
motor controller. It supports dual quadrature encoders and can supply two brushed DC motors with
15 Amps continuous and 30 Amp peak.
With dual quadrature decoding you get greater control over speed and velocity. Automatically
maintain a speed even if load increases. RoboClaw also has a built in PID routine for use with an
external control system.
RoboClaw is easy to control with several built in modes. It can be controlled from a standard RC
receiver/transmitter, serial device, microcontroller or an analog source, such as a potentiometer
based joystick. RoboClaw is equipped with screw terminal for fast connect and disconnect. All modes
are set by the onboard dip switches making setup a snap!
Optical Encoders
RoboClaw features dual channel quadrature decoding. RoboClaw gives you the ability to create a
closed loop system. Now you can know a motors speed and direction giving you greater control over
DC motors systems.
Power System
The RoboClaw is equipped with synchronous regenerative motor drivers. This means your battery is
recharged when slowing down, braking or reversing. In addition a switching mode BEC is included. It
can supply a useful current of up to 3Amps. The BEC is meant to provide power to a microcontroller
or RC receiver.
(c) 2010 BasicMicro. All Rights Reserved.

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