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भाग संख्या UE32F6200AK
समारोह E-MANUAL
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Samsung 
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UE32F6200AK pdf
e-Manual Guide
Viewing the e-Manual
1 Scrolling a Page
1 Using the Top Icons
1 Returning to the Home Page
1 Searching the Index
2 Searching Pages
2 Closing the e-Manual
2 Jumping to a Menu Item
2 Updating the e-Manual
Aerial Connection
Video Device Connections
5 HDMI Connection
6 Component Connection
6 AV Connection
7 SCART Connection
Audio Device Connections
8 Digital Audio (Optical) Connection
9 ARC (Audio Return Channel)
Headphone Connection
Computer Connection
10 HDMI Connection
11 HDMI-to-DVI Connection
Getting Started
Switching Between Video Sources
13 Auto Tuning
Channel Settings
14 Country (Area)
15 Manual Tuning
15 When Aerial Source is set to Air or Cable
16 Transfer Channel List
16 Delete CAM Operator Profile
17 Satellite System
19 Scanning for Satellite Channels
Channel Management
22 Remove Channels
22 Number Change
22 Channel Lock
22 Channel Unlock
22 Rename Analogue Channels
Common Interface
Audio Options
Favourites Channels
25 Add Channels
25 Remove Channels
26 Rearrange the Favourites Channels List
26 Rename a Favourites Channel List
26 Copy a Favourites Channels List
Network Settings
Network Configuration
27 Wired Network
28 Wireless Network
28 LED 5300 series
29 Wireless Network Precautions
29 LED 5300 series
29 Network Security Protocols
Wired Network Setup
30 Automatic Wired Network Setup
31 Manual Wired Network Setup
33 Failed Wired Connection
Wireless Network Setup
34 Automatic Wireless Network Setup
35 Manual Wireless Network Setup
37 WPS Button
37 Failed Wireless Connection
38 Dynamic versus Static IP Addresses
Checking the Network Status
40 Wi-Fi Direct
40 AllShare Settings
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