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भाग संख्या TB62217AFG
समारोह DC-DC Converter and Reset function IC
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Toshiba 
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It is possible to supply external voltage by incorporating three step-down 1.5 V to 5.0 V variable DC-DC
A Reset function has been added making it possible to deliver an external reset signal.
The DMOS motor driver output of this monolithic BiCD IC is capable of achieving a low ON resistance of Ron =
0.6 ( Tj = 25°C, 0.6A: typ.)
With two sets of internal 16-bit shift register and latch, the IC can drive stepping motors using a 4-bit micro
Equipped protection circuits: DC-DC converter over current/increased voltage protection, motor over current
protection and total IC over temperature protection.
In addition, equipped with Power On Reset circuit for initializing the IC when the power is turned on and off.
Package: 64-pin Pb-free QFP package with a heat sink (THQFP64-P-1010-0.50)
Motor maximum output pressure: 50 V
On-chip Mixed Decay Mode enables specification of four-stage attenuation ratio.
Chopping frequency can be set by external oscillator. High-speed chopping is possible at 100 kHz or higher.
Note: When using the IC, exercise great care in regard to thermal conditions.
This device is easy damaged by high static voltage (ESD).
For this reason, please handle with care.
Please Insert an SBD (Schottky Barrier Diode : Recommended "TSB CRS04” ) between "ODB" pin and "D-GND"
pin ,
if using C channel.
2 2004-11-12
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