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भाग संख्या C3225C0G1H104J
समारोह Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
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C3225C0G1H104J pdf
Before using these products, be sure to request the delivery specifications.
Please pay sufficient attention to the warnings for safe designing when using this products.
1. The products listed on this catalog are intended for use in general electronic equipment (AV equipment, telecommunications equip-
ment, home appliances, amusement equipment, computer equipment, personal equipment, office equipment, measurement equip-
ment, industrial robots) under a normal operation and use condition.
The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the applications listed below, whose performance and/or qual-
ity require a more stringent level of safety or reliability, or whose failure, malfunction or trouble could cause serious damage to society,
person or property.
If you intend to use the products in the applications listed below or if you have special requirements exceeding the range or conditions
set forth in the each catalog, please contact us.
(1) Aerospace/aviation equipment
(2) Transportation equipment (cars, electric trains, ships, etc.)
(3) Medical equipment (excepting Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
classification Class1,2)
(4) Power-generation control equipment
(5) Atomic energy-related equipment
(6) Seabed equipment
(7) Transportation control equipment
(8) Public information-processing equipment
(9) Military equipment
(10) Electric heating apparatus, burning equipment
(11) Disaster prevention/crime prevention equipment
(12) Safety equipment
(13) Other applications that are not considered general-purpose
When designing your equipment even for general-purpose applications, you are kindly requested to take into consideration securing
protection circuit/device or providing backup circuits in your equipment.
2. We may modify products or discontinue production of a product listed in this catalog without prior notification.
3. We provide “Delivery Specification” that explain precautions for the specifications and safety of each product listed in this catalog. We
strongly recommend that you exchange these delivery specifications with customers that use one of these products.
4. If you plan to export a product listed in this catalog, keep in mind that it may be a restricted item according to the “Foreign Exchange
and Foreign Trade Control Law”. In such cases, it is necessary to acquire export permission in harmony with this law.
5. Any reproduction or transferring of the contents of this catalog is prohibited without prior permission from our company.
6. We are not responsible for problems that occur related to the intellectual property rights or other rights of our company or a third party
when you use a product listed in this catalog. We do not grant license of these rights.
7. This catalog only applies to products purchased through our company or one of our company’s official agencies. This catalog does not
apply to products that are purchased through other third parties.
Notice: Effective January 2013, TDK will use a new catalog number which adds product thickness and packaging specification detail.
This new catalog number should be referenced on all catalog orders going forward, and is not applicable for OEM part number
Please be aware the last five digits of the catalog number will differ from the item description (internal control number) on the
product label.
Contact your local TDK Sales representative for more information.
Catalog issued date
Prior to January 2013
January 2013 and later
Catalog number
Item description (on delivery label)
20181010 /

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