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BF4M2011F pdf
This manual covers F3M 2011F engines with serial number 0654097 and later and BF3M 2011F engines
with serial number 00590544 and later, and F4M 2011F engines with serial number 0529127 and BF4M
2011F engines with serial number 0550682 and later. The F3M 2011F and BF3M 2011F engines are used in
SL4640 skid-steer loaders. The F4M 2011F and BF4M 2011F engines are used in SL4840, SL5640, and
SL6640 skid-steer loaders. When ordering service parts, specify the correct part number, full description,
quantity required, and the engine model number and serial number (located on a plate on the valve
mechanical cover).
Items shown that do not have a part number are shown for reference purposes only and are not available for
purchase separately.
Use only genuine original equipment manufacturer service parts. All service parts should be obtained from
or ordered through your Gehl® dealer.
Gehl® Company reserves the right to make changes or improvements in the design or construction of any part
of the unit without incurring the obligation to install such changes on any previously delivered units.
IMPORTANT: Deutz engine service parts are driven by individual engine serial numbers.
The Deutz Company does not use serial number ranges. Running changes made to Deutz engines
during assembly may be unique to that engine. To help ensure that you receive the correct parts for
your engine, have your engine serial number available when ordering through our Gehl Customer
Service Department.
Gehl is a registered trademark of the Gehl Company.

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