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HE83003 pdf
King Billion Electronics Co., Ltd
1. General Description
HE83003 is a member of 8-bit micro-controller series developed by King Billion. It’s a power speech
controller. The built-in OP comparator can be used with (light, voice, temperature, humility) sensor and
used as battery low detection. And the 7-bit current-type D/A converter and PWM device provide the
complete speech output mechanism. The 36K ROM size can be used in the storage of speech (20 seconds
at 3Kbytes per second)
The instruction set of HE83003 are quite easy to learn and simple to use. Only about thirty instructions
with four-type addressing mode are provided. Most of instructions take only 3 oscillator clocks (machine
cycles). The processing power is enough to most of battery operation system.
2. Features
z Operation Voltage:
z System Clock:
2.4V – 5.5V
DC ~ 8MHz @ 5.0V
z Internal ROM:
z Internal RAM:
z Dual Clock System:
DC ~ 4MHz @ 2.4V
36K Bytes (36K Program ROM)
128 Bytes.
Normal (Fast) clock: 32.768 KHz ~ 8MHz
Slow clock:
32.768 KHz
z Operation modes: Dual, Fast, Slow, Idle, Sleep modes.
z With WDT (Watch Dog Timer) to prevent deadlock condition.
z 16 bit Bi-directional I/O port. Mask Option can select Push-Pull or Open Drain output mode for
each I/O pin.
z One built-in OP comparator.
z One 7-bit current-type DAC output (VO).
z PWM device.
z Two external interrupts and two internal timer interrupts.
z Two 16-bit timers. (Clock Source reference by Fast Clock)
z Instruction set: 32 instructions, 4 addressing modes.
September 8, 2004
This specification is subject to change without notice. Please contact sales person for the latest version before use.

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