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डेटा पत्रक - 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers - Motorola Semiconductor

भाग संख्या 56F8033
समारोह 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Motorola Semiconductor 
लोगो Motorola Semiconductor लोगो 
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Version History
Rev. 0
Rev. 1
Rev. 2
Rev. 3
Rev. 4
Rev. 5
Document Revision History
Description of Change
Initial public release.
• In Table 10-4, added an entry for flash data retention with less than 100 program/erase
cycles (minimum 20 years).
• In Table 10-6, changed the device clock speed in STOP mode from 8MHz to 4MHz.
• In Table 10-12, changed the typical relaxation oscillator output frequency in Standby
mode from 400kHz to 200kHz.
• Changed input propagation delay values in Table 10-20 as follows:
Old values: 1 μs typical, 2 μs maximum
New values: 35 ns typical, 45 ns maximum
In Table 10-19, changed the maximum ADC internal clock frequency from 8 MHz to 5.33
• Added the following note to the description of the TMS signal in Table 2-3:
Note: Always tie the TMS pin to VDD through a 2.2K resistor.
• Corrected pin number labels in Figure 11-1 as follows:
Old labels: Pin 1, Pin 12, Pin 23, Pin 34
New labels: Pin 1, Pin 9, Pin 17, Pin 25
• Changed the ITCN_BASE address In Table 5-3 (was $00 F060, is $00 F0E0).
• Changed the VBA register reset value and updated the footnote in Section 5.6.8.
• Changed the STANDBY > STOP IDD values in Table 10-6 as follows:
Typical: was 290μA, is 540μA
Maximum: was 390μA, is 650μA
• Changed the POWERDOWN IDD values in Table 10-6 as follows:
Typical: was 190μA, is 440μA
Maximum: was 250μA, is 550μA
• Changed footnote 1 in Table 10-12 (was “Output frequency after application of 8MHz
trim value, at 125°C.”, is “Output frequency after application of factory trim”).
• Deleted the text “at 125°C” from Figure 10-5.
• Changed the maximum input offset voltage in Table 10-20 (was +/- 20 mV, is ±35 mV).
• Revised Section 7, Security Features.
• Fixed miscellaneous typos.
56F8033/56F8023 Data Sheet, Rev. 6
2 Freescale Semiconductor

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