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भाग संख्या HE84761
समारोह 8-bit Micro-controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स King blillion Electronics 
लोगो King blillion Electronics लोगो 
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HE84761 pdf
King Billion Electronics Co., Ltd
1. General Description
HE84761 is a member of 8-bit Micro-controller series developed by King Billion Electronics. There are 3
LCD configurations: 32COM x 96SEG, 48 COM x 80 SEG and 64 COM x 64 SEG available by mask
option. 24 LCD segment driver pins are multiplexed with I/O pins to provide flexibility of wide variety of
combinations to suit the needs of applications. The built-in LCD power supply is equipped with voltage
charge pump to generate the high voltage required by the high duty LCD driver, bias voltage generating
circuit and input voltage regulator circuit to supply stable LCD display effect over the wide battery life.
The built-in OP comparator can be used with (light, voice, temperature, humility) sensor or battery low
detection. Built-in two-channel sinusoidal wave generator can be used to generate telecom tones such as
DTMF tone dialing signal, Caller Alerting Signal (CAS) tone, FSK signal as well other tones with
frequencies ranging from 1 ~ 4095 Hz. A 7-bit current type D/A converter and PWM device provide the
complete speech output mechanism. The 256K byte ROM and 4K byte RAM can be used as the storage
of large speech data, graphic, text, etc. It is ideal for applications such as Translator, Data Bank,
Educational Toy, Digital Voice Recording System, Short Message Service phone, etc.
The instruction set of HE80000 series is easy to learn and simple to use. Only 32 instructions with four
addressing modes are provided. Most of instructions take only 3 oscillator clocks to execute. The
performance and low power consumption make it suitable for battery-powered applications such as
translator, data bank, educational toy, digital voice recorder, etc.
2. Features
9 Operation Voltage: 2.4V ~ 3.6V
9 Internal ROM:
256 KB
9 Internal RAM:
4 KB
9 Dual Clock System: Fast clock: 32768 ~ 8M Hz
Slow clock: 32768 Hz
9 4 operation modes: Fast, Slow, Idle, and Sleep modes.
9 16 ~ 40 bit bi-directional general purpose I/O ports with push-pull or open-drain output type
selectable for each I/O pin by mask option.
9 Built-in 4x20 hardware keyboard scan circuit (multiplexed with LCD SEG pin) helps to
reduce the pin counts as well as the firmware effort.
9 Three LCD configurations: 32COM x 96SEG, 48 COM x 80 SEG and 64 COM x 64 SEG.
9 Built-in LCD power supply with input voltage regulator, voltage charge pump and bias
voltage generating circuit.
9 LCD Segment Extender Interface to connect with KDS80.
9 One 7-bit current type D/A with mask option to select different output current to prevent
signal saturation.
9 Built-in RC oscillator, accuracy at ±5%, maximum frequency up to around 10 MHz
9 Single-ended Pulse Width Modulation output for alternate voice output.
9 Built-in OP comparator.
9 Built-in Power on Reset circuit.
9 Two external interrupts and three internal timer interrupts.
9 Two 16-bit timers and one Time-Base timer.
August 15, 2003
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