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डेटा पत्रक - Digital global standard low IF demodulator - NXP Semiconductors

भाग संख्या TDA8295
समारोह Digital global standard low IF demodulator
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स NXP Semiconductors 
लोगो NXP Semiconductors लोगो 
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TDA8295 pdf
NXP Semiconductors
Digital global standard low IF demodulator for analog TV and FM radio
I Gated IF AGC acting on black level by using H/V PLL or peak IF AGC (I2C-bus
I Internal digital logarithmic IF AGC amplifier with up to 48 dB gain and 68 dB control
I Peak search tuner IF AGC for optimal adaptive drive of the IF ADC
I Switchable IF PLL and IF AGC loop bandwidths
I Precise AFC and lock detector
I Accurate group delay equalization for all standards
I Very robust IF demodulator coping with adverse field conditions
I Wide PLL pull-in range up to ±1660 kHz (I2C-bus selectable)
I CVBS and SSIF or audio output with simple postfilter (capacitor only)
I CVBS gain levelling stage to provide nearly constant signal amplitude during
I Video equalizer with eight settings
I Nyquist filter in video baseband
I Excellent video S/N (typically 62 dB weighted)
I High selectivity video low-pass filter for all standards
I Low video into sound crosstalk
I Sound performance comparable to QSS single reference concepts
I AM/FM mono sound demodulator
I Switchable de-emphasis
I Excellent FM sound
I Good AM sound
I High FM Deviation mode for China
I Preprocessing of FM radio (mono and stereo) with highly selective digital band-pass
I No ceramic filter or external components needed for FM radio
I FM radio available in mono
I Automatic or forced mute for mono sound
I Automatic or forced blank for video
I Mostly digital FIR filter implementation (NSC notches and video low-pass filters)
I Three GPIO pins
I Low total power dissipation (typically 324 mW)
I Standby mode (typically 7 mW)
I 40-pin HVQFN package
I CMOS technology (0.12 µm 1.2 V and 3.3 V)
3. Applications
I PC TV applications
I DVD recorders
Product data sheet
Rev. 01 — 4 February 2008
© NXP B.V. 2008. All rights reserved.
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TDA8295Digital global standard low IF demodulatorNXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors
TDA8296Digital global standard low IF demodulatorNXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors

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