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भाग संख्या WT5041
समारोह 8-Bit uC
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Weltrend Semiconductor 
लोगो Weltrend Semiconductor लोगो 
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WT5041 pdf
8-bit µ C with Heart Rate Detect Circuits
Version 1.01
The WT5041 is a high-performance, low-cost, CMOS 8-bit single-chip micro controller
with on-chip OP Amp (OPA) for heart rate detect and 128 segments LCD driver. This
chip can be used dedicate for applications where heart rate and LCD display are
required, for example sports bicycle meter, heart rate meter and heart rate watch.
This chip has 8-bit CPU, RAM, ROM, I/Os, one 16-bit timer/counters, dual 8-bit timer,
interrupt controller, three 8-bit PWM D/A output, resister to frequency converter (RFC),
heart rate detect circuits, and a LCD driver. To be suitable for portable battery-powered
applications, a power saving function is included.
u 8-bit single chip micro controller with 8Kbytes ROM and 256 Bytes SRAM
u Wide voltage operating range from 2.4 V to 5.5 V
u Built-in 32.768KHz OSC circuits.
u 14 interrupt sources, 14 halt mode release sources (warm start), 8 off mode wake
up sources (cold start); all sources have independent latches each and multi-control
is available.
u I/O port (32 pins)
u I/O port0
8 pins (shared with SEG25~SEG32)
u I/O port1 1 pin (shared with OP Amp 1 pins)
u I/O port1
3 pins (shared with PWM0~2 output)
u I/O port1
4 pins (shared with RFC 4 pins)
u I/O port2 8 pins (shared with key detect & event counter inputs)
u I/O port3
6 pins (shared with OP Amp 6 pins)
u I/O port3
2 pins (shared with BUZ/BUZB output)
u Providing standby mode
u Key wake up function
u Build-in heart rate detect circuits and one 16-bit counter
u Build-in RFC circuit and one 16-bit counter for thermistor and humidity sensor use
u Dual 8-bit timer & one 16-bit timer/counters
Weltrend Semiconductor Inc.
2F, No. 24, Industry East 9th Road,
Science-Based Industrial Park,
Hsin-chu, TAIWAN
TEL: 886-3-5780241
FAX: 886-3-5770419

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