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डेटा पत्रक - Line Driver - DEI

भाग संख्या BD429
समारोह Line Driver
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स DEI 
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BD429 pdf
General Description:
The BD429 ARINC Line Driver Circuit is a bipolar monolithic IC designed to meet the requirements of several general
aviation serial data bus standards. These include the differential bipolar RZ types such as ARINC 429, ARINC 571,
and ARINC 575, as well as the differential NRZ types such as the RS-422 standard.
Functional Description:
Modes: The BD429 operates in either a 429 mode or a 422 mode as controlled by the 429/422´ pin.
429 Mode: In 429 mode, the serial data is presented on the DATA(A) and DATA(B) inputs in the dual rail format
defined in the MARK 33 Digital Information Transfer System – ARINC Specification 429-10. The driver is enabled by
the SYNC and CLOCK inputs. The output voltage level is programmed by the VREF input and is normally tied to
+5VDC along with V1 to produce output levels of +5 volts, 0 volts, and –5 volts on each output for ±10 volts
differential outputs. * See Figure 4.
www.DataSheet44U2.2coMmode: In 422 mode, the serial data is presented on DATA(A) input. The driver is enabled by the SYNC and
CLOCK inputs. The outputs swings between 0 volts and +5 volts if VREF is at +5VDC. *See Figure 5.
Output Resistance: The driver output resistance is 75±20% at room temperature; 37.5on each output. The
outputs are also fused for failsafe protection against shorts to aircraft power. The output slew rate is controlled by
external timing capacitors on CA and CB. Typical values are 75pF for 100 KHz data and 500pF for 12.5 KHz data.
Table 1: Truth Table
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