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डेटा पत्रक - (AL4CAxx) 512/ 1K/ 2K/ 4K/ 8K x 9 Asynchronous FIFOs - AverLogic Technologies

भाग संख्या AL4CA04
समारोह (AL4CAxx) 512/ 1K/ 2K/ 4K/ 8K x 9 Asynchronous FIFOs
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स AverLogic Technologies 
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AL4CA04 pdf
Input data bus
Memory Array
512 x9, 1K x9,
2K x9, 4K x9,
8K x9, 16K x9,
Output data bus
Write Control
Write Pointer
Offset Regissers
/RS /FL(RT/)
Reset Logic
Read Control
Read Pointer
Flag Logic
Expansion Logic
AL4CA0x FIFO Block Diagram
The read and write operations are internally
sequential through the managing of address
pointers, with no address line control
required to store and retrieve data. Data is
toggled in and out of the FIFO through the
use of the Write and Read enable pins.
Additional features of the AL4CA0x series
include: Retransmit(/RT) that allows for
reset of the read pointer and do the
retransmit operation; Empty, Full and Half-
Full flags can indicate the FIFO accessible
capacity. AL4CA0x FIFO memory is
AverLogic Technologies, latest products that
is designed to buffer data for a wide range of
application such as optical storage
controllers, Networking Switches and
various communication applications. The
embedded memory array with built-in
address decoder, pointer manager and state-
of-the-art circuits provide an easy-to-use
interface to serial read/write memory and
offer a flexible way to manage memory in the
system design.
There are 3 flag signals, Empty Flag/Output
Ready and Full Flag/Input Ready, and Half
Full flags that enable further manipulation of
the synchronous control.
Multiple AL4CX0xs can be cascaded to
expand the storage depth or can be used in
parallel to expand bus width.
The FIFOs are 3.3-volt devices with 5-volt
input tolerance. And are available in the 32-
pin PLCC Package.
AVERLOGIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. TEL: 1 408 361-0400 e-mail: URL:
December 14, 2001

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