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PCI S5933QE Matchmaker Device Summary
Revision 2, November 1, 1997
The following are all known device and document variations for the AMCC S5933QE PCI Matchmaker and
1997 device data book. The workarounds described below are factory suggestions and are not to imply the
only or all possible solutions. Contact your local Field Application Engineer for new workaround
developments. Also contact your FAE for the latest design notes and data book corrections or see the
AMCC home page at
D8: Bus Master Burst Write Operation with an Asynchronous FIFO Interface
Description : When performing a bus master write to the PCI bus, if only one location of the FIFO remains
full, the S5933 deasasserts FRAME# on the next clock to indicate the last data phase is in
progress. If another value is written from the add-on at the right moment, an internal condition
may cause IRDY# to remain asserted to sustain the burst, but FRAME# has already been
Workaround: Externally synchronizing WRFIFO# or WR# to BPCLK moves the rising edge of the write
strobe to prevent this event from occuring. Request separate D8 applications note from your local
FAE for more detail.
Status: No Factory D8 alteration planned.
D14.1: False Add-On to PCI FIFO Empty Indication
Description : If the last data in the Add-On to PCI FIFO is written by the S5933 to the PCI bus and
receives a target retry, the FWE output and Add-On to PCI FIFO status bits will go active,
indicating that the FIFO is empty, even though the final data has not yet been transferred. This is
only a problem when using Add-On initiated bus mastering when FWE is used as a condition to
deassert AMWEN at the end of a bus master write. Using FWE in this way could cause AMWEN
to be deasserted before the last bus master write has successfully completed.
Workaround: Instead of using FWE, the Add-On interrupt signal, IRQ#, can beconfigured to go active
when the transfer count reaches zero. The transfer count is only updated when data is
successfully written.
Note : When FWE and the status bits indicate that the Add-On to PCI FIFO is empty, there are 8 empty
locations in the FIFO. The data for the transfer which received the retry is stored in a holding
register and is not involved.
Status: No factory D14.1 alteration planned.
D17: PCI to Add-On FIFO Loses Data when Written w/o all PCI Byte Enables Asserted
Description: When writing to the FIFO from the PCI side (as a target), if the byte enable for the specified
byte lane is not active, then that data could be lost. The problem is encountered when the S5933
Operation Registers are mapped to I/O and the FIFO is written to 16 bits at a time, alternating
between bytes 0,1 and bytes 2,3. Under certain conditions internal to the S5933, when the byte
enable for the FIFO advance byte lane is not active, the data written is not captured by the FIFO.
Workaround 1: Always write the FIFO with the byte enable that corresponds to the FIFO advance byte
lane active.
Workaround 2: Always perform 32-bit FIFO writes from the PCI bus.
Status : No factory D17 alteration planned.
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