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Customer Support
Customer Support is Intel's complete support service that provides Intel
customers with hardware support, software support, customer training, and
consulting services. For more information contact your local sales offices.
After a customer purchases any system hardware or software product,
service and support become major factors in determining whether that
product will continue to meet a customer's expectations. Such support
requires an international support organization and a breadth of programs
to meet a variety of customer needs. As you might expect, Intel's customer
support is quite extensive. It includes factory repair services and
worldwide field service offices providing hardware repair services,
software support services, customer training classes, and consulting
Hardware Support Services
Intel is committed to providing an international service support package
through a wide variety of service offerings available from Intel Hardware
Software Support Services
Intel's software support consists of two levels of contracts. Standard
support includes TIPS (Technical Information Phone Service), updates and
subscription service (product-specific troubleshooting guides and COMMENTS
Magazine). Basic support includes updates and the subscription service.
Contracts are sold in environments which represent product groupings
(i.e., iRMX environment).
Consulting Services
Intel provides field systems engineering services for any phase of your
development or support effort. You can use our systems engineers in a
variety of ways ranging from assistance in using a new product, developing
an application, personalizing training, and customizing or tailoring an
Intel product to providing technical and management consulting. Systems
Engineers are well versed in technical areas such as microcommunications,
real-time applications, embedded microcontrollers, and network services.
You know your application needs; we know our products. Working together we
can help you get a successful product to market in the least possible time.
Customer Training
Intel offers a wide range of instructional programs covering various
aspects of system design and implementation. In just three to ten days a
limited number of individuals learn more in a single workshop than in
weeks of self-study. For optimum convenience, workshops are scheduled
regularly at Training Centers woridwide or we can take our workshops to
you for on-site instruction. Covering a wide variety of topics, Intel's
major course categories include: architecture and assembly language,
programming and operating systems, bitbus and LAN applications.
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