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समारोह CTI Coaxial Transceiver Interface
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स National Semiconductor 
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2 0 Block Diagram
FIGURE 1 DP8392C Block Diagram
TL F 11085 – 2
3 0 Functional Description
The CTI consists of four main logical blocks
a) the Receiver - receives data from the coax and sends it
to the DTE
b) the Transmitter - accepts data from the DTE and trans-
mits it onto the coax
c) the Collision Detect circuitry - indicates to the DTE any
collision on the coax
d) the Jabber Timer - disables the Transmitter in case of
longer than legal length packets
The Receiver includes an input buffer a cable equalizer a
4-pole Bessel low pass filter a squelch circuit and a differ-
ential line driver
The buffer provides high input impedance and low input ca-
pacitance to minimize loading and reflections on the coax
The equalizer is a high pass filter which compensates for
the low pass effect of the cable The composite result of the
maximum length cable and the equalizer is a flatband re-
sponse at the signal frequencies to minimize jitter
The 4-pole Bessel low pass filter extracts the average DC
level on the coax which is used by both the Receiver
squelch and the collision detection circuits
The Receiver squelch circuit prevents noise on the coax
from falsely triggering the Receiver in the absence of the
signal At the beginning of the packet the Receiver turns on
when the DC level from the low pass filter is lower than the
DC squelch threshold However at the end of the packet a
quick Receiver turn off is needed to reject dribble bits This
is accomplished by an AC timing circuit that reacts to high
level signals of greater than typically 200 ns in duration The
Receiver then stays off only if within about 1 ms the DC
level from the low pass filter rises above the DC squelch
threshold Figure 2 illustrates the Receiver timing
The differential line driver provides ECL compatible signals
to the DTE with typically 3 ns rise and fall times In its idle
state its outputs go to differential zero to prevent DC stand-
ing current in the isolation transformer
The Transmitter has a differential input and an open collec-
tor output current driver The differential input common
mode voltage is established by the CTI and should not be
altered by external circuitry The transformer coupling of
TXg will satisfy this condition The driver meets all IEEE
802 3 Ethernet Specifications for signal levels Controlled
rise and fall times (25 ns V g5 ns) minimize the higher
harmonic components The rise and fall times are matched
to minimize jitter The drive current levels of the DP8392C
meet the tighter recommended limits of IEEE 802 3 and are
set by a built-in bandgap reference and an external 1% re-
sistor An on chip isolation diode is provided to reduce the
Transmitter’s coax load capacitance For Ethernet compati-
ble applications an external isolation diode (see Figure 4 )
may be added to further reduce coax load capacitance In
Cheapernet compatible applications the external diode is
not required as the coax capacitive loading specifications
are relaxed
The Transmitter squelch circuit rejects signals with pulse
widths less than typically 20 ns (negative going) or with
levels less than b175 mV The Transmitter turns off at the
end of the packet if the signal stays higher than b175 mV
for more than approximately 300 ns Figure 3 illustrates the
Transmitter timing

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