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डेटा पत्रक - (56F8157 / 56F8357) 16-BIT HYBRID CONTROLLERS - Freescale Semiconductor

भाग संख्या 56F8157
समारोह (56F8157 / 56F8357) 16-BIT HYBRID CONTROLLERS
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Freescale Semiconductor 
लोगो Freescale Semiconductor लोगो 
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Document Revision History
Version History
Description of Change
Rev 1.0
Rev 2.0
Rev 3.0
Rev 4.0
Rev 5.0
Rev 6.0
Rev 7.0
Rev 8.0
Initial Public Release
Added Package Pins to GPIO Table in Part 8 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO). Added
“Typical Min” values to Table 10-17. Editing grammar, spelling, consistency of language throughout
family. Updated values in Regulator Parameters Table 10-9; External Clock Operation Timing
Requirements Table 10-13; SPI Timing Table 10-18; ADC Parameters Table 10-24; and IO Loading
Coefficients at 10MHz Table 10-25.
Corrected Table 4-6 Data Memory Map - changed address X:$FF0000 to X:$FFFF00
Added Part 4.8, added the word “access” to FM Error Interrupt in Table 4-5, documenting only Typ.
numbers for LVI in Table 10-6, updated EMI numbers and write-up in Part 10.8.
Updated numbers in Table 10-7 and Table 10-8 with more recent data. Corrected typo in Table 10-3
in Pd characteristics.
Replace any reference to Flash Interface Unit with Flash Module; removed references to JTAG pin
DE; corrected pin number for D14 in Table 2-2; added note to VCAP pin in Table 2-2; corrected
thermal numbers for 160 LQFP in Table 10-3; removed unneccessary notes in Table 10-12; corrected
temperature range in Table 10-14; added ADC calibration information to Table 10-24 and new graphs
in Figure 10-22.
Adding/clarifing notes to Table 4-4 to help clarify independent program flash blocks and other
Program Flash modes, clarification in Table 10-23, corrected Digital Input Current Low (pull-up
enabled) numbers in Table 10-5. Removed text and Table 10-2; replaced with note to Table 10-1.
Added 56F8157 information; edited to indicate differences in 56F8357 and 56F8157. Reformatted for
Freescale look and feel. Updated Temperature Sensor and ADC tables, then updated balance of elec-
trical tables for consistency throughout the family. Clarified I/O power description in Table 2-2, added
note to Table 10-7 and clarified Section 12.3.
Please see for the most current Data Sheet revision.
56F8357 Technical Data, Rev. 8.0
2 Freescale Semiconductor

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