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डेटा पत्रक - 16-bit Hybrid Controller - Motorola

भाग संख्या 56F827
समारोह 16-bit Hybrid Controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Motorola 
लोगो Motorola लोगो 
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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Part 1 Overview
1.1 56F827 Features
1.1.1 Digital Signal Processing Core
• Efficient 16-bit 56800 family DSP engine with dual Harvard architecture
• As many as 40 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) at 80MHz core frequency
• Single-cycle 16 × 16-bit parallel Multiplier-Accumulator (MAC)
• Two 36-bit accumulators including extension bits
• 16-bit bidirectional shifter
• Parallel instruction set with unique DSP addressing modes
• Hardware DO and REP loops
• Three internal address buses and one external address bus
• Four internal data buses and one external data bus
• Instruction set supports both DSP and controller functions
• Controller style addressing modes and instructions for compact code
• Efficient C Compiler and local variable support
• Software subroutine and interrupt stack with depth limited only by memory
• JTAG/OnCE Debug Programming Interface
1.1.2 Memory
• Harvard architecture permits as many as three simultaneous accesses to Program and Data memory
• On-chip memory including a low-cost, high-volume Flash solution
— 64K words of Program Flash
— 1K words of Program RAM
— 4K words of Data RAM
— 4K words of Data Flash
• Off-chip memory expansion capabilities programmable for 0, 4, 8, or 12 wait states
— As much as 64 K × 16 Data memory
— As much as 64 K × 16 Program memory
1.1.3 Peripheral Circuits for 56F827
• One 10 channel, 12-bit, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
• One General Purpose Quad Timer totaling 4 pins
• One Serial Peripheral Interface with configurable four-pin port multiplexed with two Serial
Communications Interfaces totalling 4 pins or 4 GPIO pins
• Three Serial Communication Interfaces with 2 pins each (or 6 additional GPIO pins)
• Two Serial Peripheral Interface with configurable four-pin port (or 4 additional GPIO pins)
2 56F827 Technical Data
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