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डेटा पत्रक - High Speed Current Mode PWM Control IC for Switching Power Supply - Hitachi Semiconductor

भाग संख्या HA17384HRP
समारोह High Speed Current Mode PWM Control IC for Switching Power Supply
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Hitachi Semiconductor 
लोगो Hitachi Semiconductor लोगो 
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HA17384HRP pdf
Under-voltage lockout system
Reference voltage regulator of 5.0 V ± 2%
Triangular wave (sawtooth) oscillator
Error amplifier
Totem pole output driver circuit (direct driving for power MOSFETs)
Current-detection comparator circuit for current mode
OVP function (over voltage protection) *1
TSD function (thermal shut-down protection) *1
Protect function by zener diode (between power input and GND)
Note: 1. H series only.
High-safety UVL circuit is used (Both VIN and Vref are monitored)
High speed operation:
Current detection response time: 100 ns Typ
Maximum oscillation frequency: 500 kHz
Low standby current: 170 µA Typ
Wide range dead band time
(Discharge current of timing capacitance is constant 8.4 mA Typ)
Able to drive power MOSFET directly
(Absolute maximum rating of output current is ±1 A peak)
OVP function (over voltage protection) is included *1
(Output stops when FB terminal voltage is 7.0 V Typ or higher)
TSD function (thermal shut-down protection) is included *1
(Output stops when the temperature is 160°C Typ or higher)
Zener protection is included
(Clamp voltage between VIN and GND is 34 V Typ)
Wide operating temperature range:
Operating temperature: –20°C to +105°C
Junction temperature: 150°C *2
Note: 1. H series only.
2. S series only.

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