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डेटा पत्रक - (56F8011 / 56F8013) 16-Bit Digital Signal Controller - Motorola Semiconductor

भाग संख्या 56F8011
समारोह (56F8011 / 56F8013) 16-Bit Digital Signal Controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Motorola Semiconductor 
लोगो Motorola Semiconductor लोगो 
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Version History
Rev. 0
Rev. 1
Rev. 2
Rev. 3
Rev. 4
Rev. 5
Rev. 6
Document Revision History
Description of Change
Initial release.
Updates to Part 10, Specifications,
Table 10-1, added maximum clamp current, per pin
Table 10-12, clarified variation over temperature table and graph
Table 10-16, added LIN slave timing
Added alternate pins to Figure 11-1 and Table 11-1.
Corrected ADC offering on page 3, clarified Section 1.4.1, corrected bit selects in Timer
Channel 3 Input (TC3_INP) bit 9, Section, and simplified notes in Table 10-9.
Added clarification on sync inputs in Section 1.4.1, added voltage difference specification
to Table 10-1 and Table 10-4, deleted formula for Ambient Operating Temperature in
Table 10-4, also a note for pin group 3 to Table 10-1, corrected Table 8-1, error in Port C
peripheral function configuration, removed text from notes in Table 10-9 that referred to
multiple flash blocks - this family has one flash block. Added RoHs and “pb-free” language
to back cover.
Updates to Section 10
Table 10-5, corrected max values for ADC Input Current High and Low; corrected typ
value for pull-up disabled Digital Input Current Low (a)
Table 10-6, corrected typ and added max values for Standby > Stop and Powerdown
Table 10-7, corrected min value for Low-Voltage Interrupt for 3.3V
Table 10-11, corrected typ and max values and units for PLL lock time
Table 10-12, corrected typ values for Relaxation Oscillator output frequency and variation
over temperature (also increased temp range to 150 degreesC) and added variation over
temperature from 0—105 degreesC
Updated Figure 10-5
Table 10-19, updated max values for Integral Non-Linearity full input signal range,
Negative Differential Non-Linearity, ADC internal clock, Offset Voltage Internal Ref, Gain
Error and Offset Voltage External Ref; updated typ values for Negative Differential
Non-Linearity, Offset Voltage Internal Ref, Gain Error and Offset Voltage External Ref;
added new min values and corrected typ values for Signal-to-noise ratio, Total Harmonic
Distortion, Spurious Free Dynamic Range, Signal-to-noise plus distortion, Effective
Number of Bits
Added details to Section 1. Clarified language in State During Reset column in Table 2-3;
corrected flash data retention temperature in Table 10-4; moved input current high/low
toTable 10-19 and location of footnotes in Table 10-5; reorganized Table 10-19; clarified
title of Figure 10-1.
Please see for the most current Data Sheet revision.
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56F8013/56F8011 Data Sheet, Rev. 7
Freescale Semiconductor

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