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डेटा पत्रक - Engineering Specification Type 15.0 XGA Color TFT/LCD Module - Interpoint Corporation

भाग संख्या N150X4-L01
समारोह Engineering Specification Type 15.0 XGA Color TFT/LCD Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Interpoint Corporation 
लोगो Interpoint Corporation लोगो 
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N150X4-L01 pdf
Engineering Specification
i Contents
i Contents
ii Record of Revision
1.0 Handling Precautions
2.0 General Description
2.1 Characteristics
2.2 Functional Block Diagram
3.0 Absolute Maximum Ratings
4.0 Optical Characteristics
5.0 Signal Interface
5.1 Connectors
5.2 Interface Signal Connector
5.3 Interface Signal Description
5.3.1 E-EDUD
5.4 Interface Signal Electrical Characteristics
5.4.1 Signal Electrical Characteristics for LVDS Receiver
5.4.2 LVDS Receiver Internal Circuit
5.4.3 Recommended Guidelines for Motherboard PCB Design and Cable Selection
5.5 Signal for Lamp connector
6.0 Pixel format image
7.0 Parameter guide line for CFL Inverter
8.0 Interface Timings
8.1 Timing Characteristics
8.2 Timing Definition
9.0 Power Consumption
10.0 Power ON/OFF Sequence
11.0 Mechanical Characteristics
12.0 National Test Lab Requirement
(C) Copyright International Display Technology 2002 All Rights reserved.
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OEM N150X4-L01-01
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N150X4-L01Engineering Specification Type 15.0 XGA Color TFT/LCD ModuleInterpoint Corporation
Interpoint Corporation
N150X4-L01XGA Color TFT/LCD ModuleIDTech

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