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समारोह (ZR36430 / ZR36431) Processor Miscellaneous
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ZR36431 pdf
Digital Camera Processor
Product Brief
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
• Direct glueless interface to industry standard interlaced (two- &
three-field) and progressive CCD and CMOS sensors
• Supports image resolutions up to 2.3 Megapixels for COACH 5e
and up to 4 Megapixels for COACH 5p
• Enhanced CCD signal processing with
- 10-bit processing for high dynamic range
- Color interpolation and conversion
- Image scalers
- Automatic White Balance (AWB)
- Automatic Exposure (AE)
- Edge enhancement
- Programmable Lens Shading (Patent Pending) compensation
- Performance enhancement when using Zoran’s CMOS sensor
• Smooth Digital zoom – complete emulation of optical zoom (view
and capture)
• Support for flash-strobe, light-control, red-eye reduction & flash-
charge control
• Direct interface to resident flash memory and/or removable flash
memory cards: CompactFlash (CF); SmartMedia (SSFDC); SD,
MMC, and others
• Support 64Mbit & 128Mbit SDRAM (16-bit width) frame buffer
• Internal A/D for monitoring battery status & flash bulb charge, and
for sensing camera buttons
• USB interface, including on-chip USB line drivers
• Real-time JPEG compression with advanced bit rate control ensures
superior visual quality for the required number of stored images
• Capture of a sequence of still images
• Movie (AVI, with compressed audio) capture and playback to the
Flash card, at a rate of up to 25 frames per second
• Video Capture Mode - capture CIF at 30 frames per second or
VGA at 15 frames per second real-time video (MJPEG com-
pressed) to a PC via USB
• Audio CODEC support, allows for audio annotation, dictaphone
and AVI capture
• User interface implemented within the COACH eliminates the
need for an additional microcontroller
• Analog and digital LCD support
• On-chip NTSC/PAL encoder provides direct analog output to a
TV monitor
• DCF compliant, DPOF support, EXIF 2.1 image and audio file format
• Font-based (3-bit colors) and graphics based OSD (On Screen
Display) engines for displaying user-interface messages, menus
and icons on the LCD/TV. Menu of 64k colors.
• Programmable DSP engine ensures seamless upgrades through
downloadable firmware
• Programmability for image processing algorithms
• Advanced power management
• 208-pin uBGA package
• Mass Storage Bulk in only mode - Only Plug and Play drivers
required; does not require drivers for WinME, 2000, or XP
Evaluation and Development Tools
Data Book - complete specifications and description of the COACH
COACHWareTM - high level API for host software implementation of the user-interface. This comes wih API specifications.
FontMapMaker - for font map and icon creation
CamMini 5- manufacturing ready reference design - complete 1.3 Megapixel camera system (hardware & firmware)
PC connectivity - WHQL approved USB driver kits for image transfer and video capture
For more information, contact Zoran's Sunnyvale office or the office nearest you:
Zoran Toronto Lab
Te l : (416) 690-3356
Fax: (416) 690-3363
Zoran China Office
Tel: 86-755-83993777
Fax: 86-755-83220889
Hong Kong
Zoran Asia Pacific Ltd.
Tel: +852-2-620-5838
Fax: +852-2-620-5238
Zoran Microelectronics Ltd.
Te l : +972-4-8545-777
Fax: +972-4-8551-551
Zoran Japan Office
Te l : +81-03-5574-7081
Fax: +81-03-5574-7156
Zoran Korea Office
Tel: +82-2-761-7471
Fax: +82-2-761-7472
Zoran Taiwan Office
Te l : +886-2-2659-9797
Fax: +886-2-2659-9595

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ZR36431(ZR36430 / ZR36431) Processor MiscellaneousZoran

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