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भाग संख्या NL2432AC35-06
समारोह TFT Color LCD Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स NEC Electronics 
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A TFT color LCD module comprises a TFT LCD panel, LSIs for driving liquid crystal, and a backlight. The TFT
LCD panel is composed of a TFT array glass substrate superimposed on a color filter glass substrate with liquid
crystal filled in the narrow gap between two substrates. The backlight apparatus is located on the backside of the
LCD panel.
RGB (Red, Green, Blue) data signals are sent to LCD panel drivers after modulation into suitable forms for
active matrix addressing through signal processor.
Each of the liquid crystal cells acts as an electro-optical switch that controls the light transmission from the
backlight by a signal applied to a signal electrode through the TFT switch.
4. OUTLINE OF CHARACTERISTICS (at room temperature)
Display area
111.36 (H) × 83.52 (V) mm
Drive system
a-Si TFT active matrix
Display colors
Number of pixels
320 × 240
Pixel arrangement
RGB vertical stripe
Pixel pitch
0.348 (H) × 0.348 (V) mm
Module size
134.0 (H) × 110.0 (V) × 16.5 max.(D) mm
285 g (typ.)
Contrast ratio
85:1 (typ.)
Viewing angle (more than the contrast ratio of 10:1)
• Horizontal : 50˚ (typ. left side, right side) fix down 5˚ direction
• Vertical : 25˚ (typ. up side), 25˚ (typ. down side) fix left or right 30˚ direction
Designed viewing direction
• wider viewing angle with contrast ratio
: down side (6 o'clock)
• wider viewing angle without image reversal : up side (2 and 10 o'clock)
• optimum grayscale (γ =2.2)
: perpendicular
Color gamut
50% (typ. center to NTSC)
Response time
60 ms (max.), "white" to "black"
250 cd/m2 (typ.)
Signal system
Analog RGB signals, synchronous signals (Hsync, Vsync), composite signal
Supply voltage
9.5 V × 2
Edge light type, one fluorescent lamp (cold cathode type)
Power consumption
8.0 W (typ.)

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