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समारोह (EP2Sxxx) Stratix II Device Family
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Altera 
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Stratix II Device Family Data Sheet
Stratix II Device Handbook, Volume 1
Chapter Date / Version
Changes Made
2 March 2005, 2.1
Updated “Functional Description” section.
Updated Table 2–3.
January 2005, v2.0 Updated the “MultiVolt I/O Interface” and “TriMatrix Memory” sections.
Updated Tables 2–3, 2–17, and 2–19.
October 2004, v1.2 Updated Tables 2–9, 2–16, 2–26, and 2–27.
July 2004, v1.1
Updated note to Tables 2–9 and 2–16.
Updated Tables 2–16, 2–17, 2–18, 2–19, and 2–20.
Updated Figures 2–41, 2–42, and 2–57.
Removed 3 from list of SERDES factor J.
Updated “High-Speed Differential I/O with DPA Support” section.
In “Dedicated Circuitry with DPA Support” section, removed XSBI and
changed RapidIO to Parallel RapidIO.
February 2004, v1.0 Added document to the Stratix II Device Handbook.
3 January 2005, v2.1 Updated JTAG chain device limits.
January 2005, v2.0 Updated Table 3–3.
July 2004, v1.1
Added “Automated Single Event Upset (SEU) Detection” section.
Updated “Device Security Using Configuration Bitstream Encryption”
Updated Figure 3–2.
February 2004, v1.0 Added document to the Stratix II Device Handbook.
4 January 2005, v2.1 Updated input rise and fall time.
January 2005, v2.0 Updated the “Hot Socketing Feature Implementation in Stratix II Devices”, “ESD
Protection”, and “Power-On Reset Circuitry” sections.
July 2004, v1.1
Updated all tables.
Added tables.
February 2004, v1.0 Added document to the Stratix II Device Handbook.
Section I–2
Altera Corporation

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