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भाग संख्या VK-S914E
समारोह (VK-Sxxx) Wide Dynamic Range High Sensitivity Color Zoom Camera
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VK-S914E pdf
One connector for
all power, video
and control.
Hitachi’s advanced
compact optics.
Compact and
lightweight sturdy
metal frames.
Entry level versatility
Representing excellent value, the VK-S914E
is a compact chassis style camera. The
VK-S914E features a built-in 16x optical auto
focus zoom lens of a very high quality that
offers auto focus, auto iris plus variable speed
zoom functions. The camera also includes a
2x digital zoom which combines with the
optical zoom for a total zoom ratio of 32x.
A 1/4” high resolution CCD gives the
camera over 450 horizontal TV-lines. With
AI/DSP control and Auto Iris adjustment to
maintain video output at a fixed level
during changes of ambient illumination,
while backlight compensation ensures
bright and clear images, even under strong
backlit scenes. Auto White Balance
adjusts for natural colour reproduction
according to the colour temperature of the
light source (fluorescent lights, etc).
Low light colour
With its digital slow shuttering capability
the VK-S234E offers exposure times of up
to 1/2 sec to capture more colour
information in light levels down to 0.1 lux.
This produces significantly improved
colour accuracy in poor light conditions
and greatly extends the number of
applications where a colour camera can
be specified.
A highly reliable auto focus, auto iris lens
with 22x power zoom is combined with a
1/4” CCD to deliver high quality images
with a resolution of 460 TV lines. Hitachi’s
DSP-5 controls auto iris and white balance
to respond to overall changes in light level
or quality, while backlight compensation
can be set to operate on any one of six
image area divisions.
Angle of View
> 450 Lines
F1.4, f = 4-64mm
Auto / Manual
16x Optical, 2x Digital
47˚ (Wide), 3˚ (Tele)
Auto / Manual, 1/50-1/30K
3 Lux
Sync System
Remote Control
Power Supply
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Internal or External
Via RS-232C
9V DC +/- 0.5V, 3.2W max
50 x 60 x 86mm
> 460 Lines
F1.6, f = 4-88mm
Auto / Manual
22x Optical, 8x Digital
47˚ (Wide), 2.2˚ (Tele)
Digital Slow Shutter,
Auto/Man, 1/1.5-1/30K
0.1 Lux
Internal or External
Via RS-232C
9V DC +/- 0.5V, 3.3W max
50 x 60 x 89.5mm
> 470 Lines
F1.6, f =3.6 - 82.8mm
Auto / Manual
23x Optical, 10x Digital
54˚ (Wide), 2.5˚ (Tele)
Digital Slow Shutter,
Wide Dynamic Range, 1/1.5 - 1/30K
0.1 Lux (Colour) 0.02 Lux (B/W)
0 Lux (IR Lamp)
Internal or External
Via RS-232C
9V DC +/- 0.5V, 3.1W max
50 x 60 x 89.5mm
Day/Night operation
The VK-S454E is a camera that delivers
new levels of performance and versatility.
In monochrome mode, with its IR cut filter
disabled, it will operate down to light
levels of 0.02 lux, and with IR illumination
down to 0 Iux. This flexibility alone makes
it suitable for the most demanding
applications, but the VK-S454E includes a
number of other advanced features that
make it the leading contender for dome
installation. There is a built in Privacy Zone
Masking facility operating over the full
360º with positional feedback from a pan
and tilt unit. When tracking a subject
passing directly below the camera the
Digital Image Flip facility automatically flips
the image to provide continuous tracking.
The VK-S454E incorporates digital slow
shuttering to extend colour operation and
employs a very high quality Auto Focus
23x zoom lens. With a 1/4” CCD, it
will deliver high quality images with a
resolution of 470 TV lines. It also features
Hitachi’s Wide Dynamic Range technology
which combines alternate video fields shot
with different shutter speeds to improve
image detail in difficult conditions. All of
these additional features help make the
VK-S454E an ideal partner for all of your
surveillance needs.

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