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भाग संख्या AN214
समारोह 74F Extended Octal-Plus Family Applications
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Philips Semiconductors
74F extended octal-plus family applications
Application note
74F Extended Octal-Plus Family Features
8-, 9-, and 10-bit “Light-Load” bus products
With and without latches or registers
With and without 8-bit parity checker/generator
With and without dual registers
With and without 8-bit parity checker/generator
Patented “Light-Load” inputs:
Input Current
= ±20µA per input
Transceiver I/O pins = ±70µA
High performance output drive currents:
IOL = 64mA/48mA @ ±5%/10% VCC
IOH = –15mA/–3mA @ ±5%/10% VCC
“Flow-through” or “broadside” I/O pin configuration
Ideal for MOS CPU, peripherals and semi-custom bus interface
24-pin, 300mil-wide, plastic slim-DIPs
High performance buffers — tP(max) = 7.5ns
High performance latches/registers — fT = 100MHz
The 74F Extended Octal-Plus Family incorporates all of the latest
Philips Semiconductors octal, 9-bit and 10-bit buffer, transceiver,
latch and register functions. all devices in this family utilize the
Philips Semiconductors patented “Light-Load” NPN, ±20µA input
current structure and have “flow-through” or “broadside” input/output
pin configurations where the inputs and outputs are lined-up on
opposite sides of a standard 24-pin Slim-DIP package. The
“light-load” inputs, “broadside” design and high functional
density/performance of the family make this product line ideal for
buffering the limited drive capabilities of standard, custom and
semicustom MOS VLSI devices to the rigorous environments of
today’s leading edge high performance logic designs. The family
also is an excellent choice for all general interface applications.
“Flow-Through” Design
The “flow-through” or “broadside” chip layout/package design is
illustrated in Figure 1 showing the block diagrams and pin
configurations of the 74F828 10-bit Inverting buffer. Note that all of
these “broadside” designs allow logic signals to flow into one side
and out of the other without crossing or folding back on signal paths
such as the 74F240 Octal Buffers (Figure 2). If you compare the
physical layout requirements of the path of PC board bus lines for
the 74F828 to that of the 74F240’s “zig-zag” path, you will see the
significant advantages of the 74F Extended Octal-Plus Family’s
“flow-through” design in simplifying the design and layout of large,
high density, bus-oriented PC boards.
The 24-pin, 300mil-wide, Slip-DIP Solution
With the advent of advanced Schottky TTL technology came the
ability to significantly increase the functional density of standard
logic building blocks. However, not until the development of the
24-pin, 300mil-wide, Slim-DIP package was it possible to take full
advantage of these new chip densities. The entire family provides
significant advantages in package count, pin count and packing
density when compared to older technologies. Further density
enhancements can be achieved by using Philips surface mounted
By combining high functional density into a 24-pin 300mil-wide
Slim-DIP package, the Philips Semiconductors 74F Extended
Octal-Plus Family allows the reduction of PC board parts count and
cost while optimizing layout with “broadside” chip designs, reducing
total system power dissipation and increasing system reliability.
OE0 1
D0 2
D1 3
D2 4
D3 5
D4 6
D5 7
D6 8
D7 9
D8 10
D9 11
GND 12
24 VCC
23 O0
22 O1
21 O2
20 O3
19 O4
18 O5
17 O6
16 O7
15 O8
14 O9
13 OE1
Figure 1. 74F828 Broadside Pin Configuration
OEa 1
Ia0 2
Yb0 3
Ia1 4
Yb1 5
Ia2 6
Yb2 7
Ia3 8
Yb3 9
GND 10
20 VCC
19 OEb
18 Ya0
17 Ib0
16 Ya1
15 Ib1
14 Ya2
13 Ib2
12 Ya3
11 Ib3
Figure 2. 74F240 ’Zig-Zag” Pin Configuration
June 1988
2 Revised: June 1996

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