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डेटा पत्रक - Sync Singal Processor for Multi-Sync Display - Weltrend Semiconductor

भाग संख्या WT9051
समारोह Sync Singal Processor for Multi-Sync Display
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Weltrend Semiconductor 
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WT9051 pdf
Data Sheet REV1.0
WT9051 is a sync signal processor for Multi-sync display.
The horizontal/vertical sync signal processing, the geometry compensation, the horizontal/vertical mixed
dynamic focus, the PWM, and the D/A converter are incorporated on a chip.
These functions are controlled by the I2C bus, it is easy to design application.
y Automatic Sync. Processing
y I 2 C bus control: All functions are controlled by I2 C bus.
y Geometry compensation function: Geometry compensation circuits are integrated on a chip for
Vertical Linearity S/C, trapezoid, side pin , side pin corner
Top &Bottom individually, parallelogram and side pin balance
y D/A converter: D/A converter are integrated on a chip for variable amount.
y Horizontal/Vertical mixed
y Dynamic Focus
y Horizontal/Vertical Moire Canceller: Moire cancel amount can be controlled.
y Horizontal/Vertical Size control: Horizontal/vertical screen size can be controlled by 8bits.
y Horizontal/Vertical Position control: Horizontal/vertical screen position can be controlled by 8bits.
y Polarity normalization circuit: Both positive and negative polarity are acceptable.
y Vertical blanking pulse and video clamp pulse generation circuit: Sand castle output. Vertical blanking
pulse width can be changed.
y Horizontal output duty adjustable
y Horizontal Lock detection circuit
y B+ Supply function
y EHT compensation for horizontal &vertical
y X-ray protection
Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc.
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