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भाग संख्या TDA827x
समारोह Silicon Tuner Family
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Silicon Tuner Family
Silicon Tuner reference designs
Together with Philips’ channel and video decoder products, the TDA827x
silicon tuner family enables manufacturers to create efficient and cost
effective solutions for all STB and PC-TV markets across the world.
Helping manufacturers get to market fast with new solutions, Philips
offers full reference system solutions for the low-end STB market and
PC-TV applications.
Low-end STB market
With the expansion of the Chinese and Indian market, low-end cable TV
will soon become a mass volume market, where cost and integration
will be the key factors in successful designs. Specifically addressing this
emerging market, Philips offers two complete reference designs based
on four distinct Philips products:
• A multi-standard low-end cable STB reference design: TDA8274HN
(6/7/8 MHz Silicon tuner) + TDA10023HT (Demodulator +
FEC decoder Annex A/B/C)
• A European / Asian low-end cable STB reference design: TDA8271HN
(7/8 MHz Silicon tuner) + TDA10021HT (Demodulator + FEC
decoder Annex A/C).
These reference designs integrate all the functionality needed for a low-end
STB (complete front end with loop through).They enable manufacturers
to easily design highly attractive and fully featured products with a high
level of performance, providing them with a significant competitive
advantage in today’s consumer markets.
Key features
• Two distinct solutions for multi- standard or European/Asian market
• Embedded LNA and loop through
• High Level of performance
- Required C/N to achieve Quasi Error Free (QEF) reception
31.3 (24.6) dB max in 256 (64) QAM (8MHz bandwidth / Annex A)
• Low BOM delivers cost effective system solution (no SAW filters,
only 30 SMD components needed for the silicon tuners)
• Power level indicators allow very fast band scanning
Low-end cable STB reference design

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