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डेटा पत्रक - Programmable Bar Code Decode ICs - Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

भाग संख्या OPTA01
समारोह Programmable Bar Code Decode ICs
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Agilent(Hewlett-Packard) 
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tions for a number of stationary
scanning applications found in
automated systems. The scan rate
for moving beam applications
should be similar to the scan
rates for hand held laser scanners
(35 to 45 scans per second). The
scan speed for fixed beam
applications should be similar to
the scan speeds typical of wands
and slot readers. For moving
beam applications, it is necessary
for the scanner to utilize the three
laser control lines.
The HBCR-2210 series decodes
the most popular bar code sym-
bologies now in use in applica-
tions in the industrial, retail,
government and medical markets:
• Code 39 (Standard or
• Interleaved 2 of 5
• UPC A, E
• EAN/JAN 8, 13
• Codabar
• Code 128
• Code 11
• MSI Code
When more than one symbology
is enabled, the bar code being
scanned will automatically be
recognized and decoded, except
for Standard versus Extended
Code 39, which are mutually
exclusive. Bi-directional scanning
is allowed for all bar codes
except UPC/EAN/JAN with sup-
plemental digits, which must be
scanned with the supplemental
digits last.
The I/O for the decode IC is full
duplex, 7 bit ASCII. Both serial
and parallel interfacing are
available. The serial interface can
be converted to an RS232C
interface or connected directly to
another microprocessor for data
processing. The parallel interface
can be connected to a 74HC646
octal bus transceiver chip (or an
equivalent part). Feedback to the
operator is accomplished by
signals for an LED and a beeper.
In addition, there are many
programmable functions that
cover such items as code
selection, good read beep tone,
Header and Trailer buffers, laser
scanning control, beeper tone,
etc. See Table 2 for a complete
Performance Features
Bar Codes Supported
Code 39 is an alphanumeric code,
while Extended Code 39 encodes
the full 128 ASCII character set
by pairing Code 39 characters.
Both can be read bi-directionally
with message lengths of up to 32
characters. An optional checksum
character can be used with these
codes, and the ICs can be config-
ured to verify this character prior
to data transmission.
Interleaved 2 of 5 code, a com-
pact numeric only bar code, can
also be read bi-directionally with
message lengths from 4 to 32
characters. To enhance data
accuracy, optional checksum
character verification and/or
message length checking can be
The following versions of UPC,
EAN and JAN bar codes can be
read bi-directionally: UPC-A,
UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, JAN-8,
and JAN-13. All versions can be
enabled simultaneously or
decoding can be restricted to
only the UPC codes. UPC, EAN,
and JAN codes printed with
complementary two or five digit
supplemental encodations can be
read in two different ways. If the
codes are enabled without the
supplemental encodations, then
only the main part of symbols
printed with supplemental
encodations will be read. If the
reading of supplemental
encodations is enabled, then only
symbols with these supplements
will be read. When supplemental
encodations are enabled, the bar
code symbols must be read in a
direction which results in the
supplements being scanned last.
Codabar, a numeric only bar code
with special characters, can be
read bi-directionally for message
lengths up to 32 characters. The
decode IC can be configured to
transmit or suppress the Codabar
start/stop characters.
Code 128, a full ASCII
symbology, can be scanned bi-
directionally with message
lengths of up to 32 characters.
Code 11 is a numeric, high
density code with one special
character, the hyphen (-).
Verification of one or two check
characters must be enabled, and
the check character(s) are always
transmitted. This code can be
scanned bi-directionally.
MSI Code is a numeric, continu-
ous code, with message lengths
up to 32 characters. The check
digit, a modulo 10 checksum, is
always verified and transmitted.
This code can be scanned bi-
Scanner Input
The HBCR-2210 decode IC is
designed to accept data from
hand held digital scanners or slot
readers with the following logic
state: black = high, white = low.
The same decode IC also accepts

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