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भाग संख्या WT6802
समारोह Monitor OSD with Auto-calibration
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WT6802 pdf
Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. Rev.1.0 Data Sheet
WT6802 is designed to interface with a MCU to do the OSD (On Screen Display) function in CRT
Monitor, besides the fancy auto-calibration function is also included.
The on-chip PLL generates a wide-ranged system clock up to 60MHz to meet the resolution
requirements(OSD resolution is programmable) of different display modes. The full OSD screen
size is 30 columns x 15 rows, and the OSD position can be freely programmed by setting the
interal registers. Special functions include color font, character bordering, shadowing, blinking,
double height, double width, all blanking effect, row to row spacing control, 4 windows with
shadowing, and programmable fin in/fan out effect.
WT6802 has 8 channels of PWM DAC, each PWM DAC can be respectively controlled by an 8-bit
register which contains a 5-bit PWM and 3-bit BRM, and the PWM clock is also programmable.
The horizonal back/front porch and vertical black/front porch data can be read by MCU through the
I2C bus in order to do the horizontal size/center and vertical size/center auto-calibration.
sInput horizontal synchronous frequency … … .15k-130kHZ
sDot Frequency generated by On-chip PLL … ..up to 160MHz
sResolution … … … programmable, up to 2040 dots/line
sScreen … … … … … … … … … ..30 columns x 15 rows
sCharacter … ..12(H) x 18(V) dot matrix
Fonts … … … … 512 characters and 16 color fonts
MCU interface
I2 C bus
sColor(R, G, B with intensity attribute)
Character foreground
8(R, G, B)
Character background
7(no blank)
8(R, G, B)
Window shadowing
8(R, G, B)
8 channels
sRow to row spacing control
sDouble character height and width
sProgrammable character height control 18-69 lines
sCharacter blinking, bordering(or shadowing)
s4 programmable background windows with multi-level operation
sHorizontal/vertical size and center Auto-calibration
2F, No. 24, Industry E. 9th RD., Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
TEL:886-3-5780241 FAX:886-3-5794278.5770419

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