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The W83877TF is an enhanced version from Winbond's most popular I/O chip W83877F --- which
integrates the disk drive adapter, serial port (UART), IrDA 1.0 SIR, parallel port, configurable Plug-
and-Play registers for the whole chip --- plus additional powerful features: ACPI / legacy power
management, serial IRQ, and IRQ sharing.
The disk drive adapter functions of W83877TF include a floppy disk controller compatible with the
industry standard 82077/765, data separator, write pre-compensation circuit, decode logic, data rate
selection, clock generator, drive interface control logic, interrupt and DMA logic. The wide range of
functions integrated into the W83877TF greatly reduces the number of components required for
interfacing with floppy disk drives. The W83877TF supports four 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M, or 2.88M
disk drives and data transfer rates of 250 Kb/S, 300 Kb/S, 500 Kb/S,1 Mb/S, and 2 Mb/S.
The W83877TF provides two high-speed serial communication ports (UARTs), one of which supports
serial Infrared communication. Each UART includes a 16-byte send/receive FIFO, a programmable
baud rate generator, complete modem control capability, and a processor interrupt system. One of
the UARTs support infrared (IR) IrDA1.0. Both UARTs provide legacy speed with baud rate up to
115.2K and provide advanced speed with baud rate up to 230k, 460k, and 921k bps which support
higher speed Modems.
The W83877TF supports one PC-compatible printer port (SPP), Bi-directional printer port (BPP) and
also Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) and Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). Through the printer port
interface pins, also available are: Extension FDD Mode and Extension 2FDD Mode allowing one or
two external floppy disk drives to be connected. This function is especially valuable for notebook
computer applications.
Winbond W83877TF provides functions that comply with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface), which includes support of legacy and ACPI power management through SMI or SCI
function pins. One 24-bits power management timer is implemented with the carry notify interrupt.
W83877TF also has auto power management mode to reduce the power consumption.
The serial IRQ for PCI architecture is supported, ISA IRQs (IRQ1~IRQ15) can be cascaded into one
IRQSER pin. W83877TF also features ISA bus IRQ sharing and allows two or more devices to share
the same IRQ pin.
W83877TF is made to fully comply with MicrosoftTM PC97 Hardware Design Guide. IRQs, DMAs,
and I/O space resources are flexible to adjust to meet ISA PnP requirement. Moreover W83877TF is
made to meet the specification of PC97's requirement in the power management: ACPI and DPM
(Device Power Management).
The configuration registers support mode selection, function enable/disable, and power down function
selection. Furthermore, the configurable PnP registers are compatible with the Plug-and-Play feature
demand of Windows 95TM , which makes system resource allocation more efficient than ever.
Another benefit of W83877TF is that it is pin-to-pin compatible to W83877F, and all of the 100-pin
Winbond I/O IC family. Thus makes the design of applications very convenient and flexible.
Publication Release Date: March 1998
- 1 - Preliminary Version 0.61

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