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समारोह FullFieldCCDImageSensor 2048x20Pixels48
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General Description
The TH7899M sensor is a 2048 x 2048 full frame Charge Couple Device (CCD)
designed for a wide range of applications due to both its operating mode flexibility and
its high dynamic range combined with its high resolution. The device is 180° symmetri-
cal so if it is not plugged in the right side it will not be damaged.
The nominal photosensitive area is made up of 2048 x 2048 useful pixels split vertically
in 4 zones A, B, C and D. Each zone can be driven separately by four-phase clocks
(ΦP1 ΦP2 ΦP3 and ΦP4) allowing different operating modes as described in “Image
Area” on page 3.
There are two identical horizontal shift registers: one at the top of the image area (regis-
ter A) and one at the bottom (register B). At each end of the two readout registers, a
summing gate is located which can be clocked to allow a horizontal pixel summation in
front of the on-chip output amplifier.
The TH7899M sensor is particularly suited to the following applications:
• Digital photography
• Medical applications
• Graphic arts
• Industrial applications
• Scientific applications
The pixel size is 14 µm x 14 µm with 100% aperture. The following figures show the
pixel structure.
Figure 2. Front View of a Photoelement
2 TH7899M

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