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डेटा पत्रक - Bi-Directional Pigtail SFF Transceiver 155 Mb/s/ 1310 nm Tx / 1310 nm Rx - Infineon Technologies

भाग संख्या V23870-A2111-A500
समारोह Bi-Directional Pigtail SFF Transceiver 155 Mb/s/ 1310 nm Tx / 1310 nm Rx
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Infineon Technologies 
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The Infineon BIDI® transceiver – part of Infineon’s Small Form Factor transceiver family – is based on the Physical
Medium Depend (PMD) sublayer and baseband medium.
Infineon's BIDI-TRX is designed to handle multiple data rates and can be designed into Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Fiber
Channel, ATM-155, SDH STM-1, SONET OC-3, CCTV and other applications as well as different FTTx
applications according to the 100 Mbps EFM standard (IEEE 802.3ah). It is suitable for both, short haul
applications and distances of 20 km and beyond.
The appropriate fiber optic cable is the 9µm singlemode fiber pigtail with different connector options.
The Infineon BIDI transceiver is a single unit comprised of a transmitter, a receiver, WDM filter or beam splitter,
and a singlemode fiber pigtail. This design frees the customer from many alignment and PC board layout
This transceiver operates at 155Mb/s from a single power supply (+3.3 V). The full differential data inputs and
outputs are PECL and LVPECL compatible.
Functional Description of 2x5 Pin Row Transceiver
This transceiver is designed to transmit and receive serial data via a singlemode cable.
Functional Diagram
Fiber Optics
2 V23870-A2111/2-xx00 BIDI Pigtail SFF transceiver

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V23870-A2111-A500Bi-Directional Pigtail SFF Transceiver 155 Mb/s/ 1310 nm Tx / 1310 nm RxInfineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies

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