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डेटा पत्रक - 16-bit Hybrid Controllers - Motorola Inc

भाग संख्या 56F8122
समारोह 16-bit Hybrid Controllers
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Motorola Inc 
लोगो Motorola  Inc लोगो 
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Version History
Rev 1.0
Rev 2.0
Rev 3.0
Rev 4.0
Rev 5.0
Rev 6.0
Rev 7.0
Rev 8.0
Rev 9.0
Rev. 10.0
Document Revision History
Description of Change
Pre-Release version, Alpha customers only
Initial Public Release
Corrected typo in Table 10-4, Flash Endurance is 10,000 cycles. Addressed additional
grammar issues
Added Package Pins to GPIO table in Section 8. Clarification of TRST usage in this device.
Replacing TBD Typical Min with values in Table 10-17. Editing grammar, spelling,
consistency of language throughout family. Updated values in Regulator Parameters,
Table 10-9, External Clock Operation Timing Requirements Table 10-13, SPI Timing,
Table 10-18, ADC Parameters, Table 10-24, and IO Loading Coefficients at 10MHz,
Table 10-25
Updated values in Power-On Reset Low Voltage Table 10-6.
Added Section 4.8 , added addition text to Section 6.9 on POR reset, added the word
“access” to FM Error Interrupt in Table 4-3, removed min and max numbers; only
documenting Typ. numbers for LVI in Table 10-6.
Updated numbers in Table 10-7 and Table 10-8 with more recent data, Corrected typo in
Table 10-3 in Pd characteristics
Replace any reference to Flash Interface Unit with Flash Memory Module; corrected typo on
page 1 for ADC channel; changed example in Section 2.2 ; added note on VREFHand
VREFLO in Table 2-2 and Table 11-1; corrected typo FIVAL1 and FIVAH1 in Table 4-12;
removed unneccessary notes in Table 10-12; corrected temperature range in Table 10-14;
added ADC calibration information to Table 10-24 and new graphs in Figure 10-20.
Clarification to Table 10-23, corrected Digital Input Current Low (pull-up enabled) numbers in
Table 10-5. Removed text and Table 10-2; replaced with note to Table 10-1.
Added 56F8122 information; edited to indicate differences in 56F8322 and 56F8122.
Reformatted to reflect Freescale look and feel. Updated Temperature Sensor and ADC
tables, then updated balance of electrical tables for consistency throughout family. Clarified
I/O power description in Table 2-2, added note to Table 10-7 and clarified Section 12.3.
Please see for the most current Data Sheet revision.
56F8322 Techncial Data, Rev. 10.0
2 Freescale Semiconductor

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