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भाग संख्या 73M2910L
समारोह Microcontroller
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73M2910L pdf
DESCRIPTION (continued)
The 73M2910L has two extra interrupt sources, an
external interrupt and a HDLC interrupt. The HDLC
interrupt has two registers associated with it; the
HDLC Interrupt Register which is used to determine
the source of the interrupt, and the HDLC Interrupt
Enable Register that enables the source of the
The state of the external interrupts can be read
through a register allowing the interrupt pins to be
used as inputs. The interrupt pins INT0 and INT1
can be either negative edge, positive edge or level
triggered. The INT2 pin is always edge triggered.
Two buffered clock outputs have been added to
support peripheral functions such as UARTs,
modems and other clocked devices. The main
internal processor clock frequency can be divided by
2 for power conservation in functional modes that
only require half the clock speed.
Additional internal special function registers are
used for firmware control over the HDLC Packetizer,
the clocks and the programmable I/O ports.
To accommodate processor peripherals when
operating at higher frequencies, the processor’s
timing has been altered to allow more address setup
time for slower peripheral program ROM and
memory mapped peripherals.
For low power applications the 73M2910L supports
two power conservation modes: idle and power-down.
In the power-down state the total current consumption
is less than 10 µA at room temperature.
The 73M2910L is also available in a
100-Pin PGA package for system developers. The
PGA package is more convenient and reliable for
development emulation systems than the other
package styles. Emulation systems for the
73M2910L are available through Signum Systems,
11992 Challenger Court, Moorpark, CA 93021
(805) 523-9774.
This Document will describe the features unique to
the 73M2910L. Please refer to a 8032 Programmer’s
Guide, Architectural Overview and Hardware
Description for details on the instruction set, timers,
UART, interrupt control, and memory structure.

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