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डेटा पत्रक - LCD Display Engines with Integrated DVI/ ADC and YUV Ports - STMicroelectronics

भाग संख्या ADE3200
समारोह LCD Display Engines with Integrated DVI/ ADC and YUV Ports
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स STMicroelectronics 
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ADE3200 pdf
Third Generation Context Sensitive™ Scaler
q Sharper text with Edge Enhancement
q RAM based coefficients for unique
q 5:1 upscale and 2:1 downscale
q Independent X - Y axis zoom and shrink
q Bob de-interlacing eliminates jaggies and
motion artifacts
Analog RGB input
q 140MHz 9-bit ADC
q Ultra low jitter digital linelock PLL
q Composite Sync and Sync on Green support
Secure DVI™ Receiver
q Single Link DVI receiver
q Input Pixel Rate from 25 to140 MHz
q Low power mode with activity detection
q Compatibility with all DVI compliant
Digital TV Video Input
q VESA VIP 1.1, 2.0 and CCIR656 compliant
q 25 to 75 MHz input clock
IQsync™ AutoSetup
q AutoSetup configures phase, clock, level, and
q Supports continuous calibration for reduced
user intervention
q Detects activity on all inputs and selects the
active source
q Compatible with all standard VESA and GTF
Perfect Picture™ Technology
q Video & Picture highlight zoning
q Supports up to 7 different windows
q Independent window controls for contrast
brightness, sharpness, and color
Perfect Color™ Technology
q Programmable 3D color warp
q Digital brightness, contrast, hue, and
saturation gamma controls for all inputs
q Simple white point control
q Compatible with sRGB standard
q True color dithering for 12- and 18-bit panels
q Temporal and spatial dithering
q 30-bit programmable gamma table
OSD Engine
q 256 RAM based 12x18 characters
q 1 and 4-bit per pixel color characters
q Bordering, shadowing, transparency, fade-in,
and fade-out
q Supports font rotation
q Up to 4 sub windows
q 32 entry TrueColor LUT
Programmable Timing Controller (TCON)
q Highly-programmable support for XGA, TTL
and RSDS SmartPanels
q Dual function TTL and RSDS outputs
q Advanced flicker detection and reduction
q 12 programmable timing signals for row/
column control
q Wide range of drivers & TCON compatibility
q Simulation tools for easy programming
q Supports complex polarity generation for IPS
Advanced EMI Reduction Features
q Flexible data inversion / transition
minimization, single, dual, and separate
q Per pin delay, 0 to 6ns in 0.4ns increments
q Adaptive Slew Rate control outputs
q Supports 18/24/36/48-bit RSDS outputs
q Differential clock
q Spread spectrum -programmable digital FM
modulation of the output clock with no
external components
Output Format
q Supports resolutions up to SXGA @ 75Hz
q Supports 6 or 8-bit Panels
q Support double or single pixel wide formats

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ADE3200LCD Display Engines with Integrated DVI/ ADC and YUV PortsSTMicroelectronics

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