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समारोह High Efficiency Class-D Audio Amplifier
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NXP Semiconductors
High Efficiency Class-D Audio Amplifier
2 Features and benefits
Sophisticated SpeakerBoost and protection algorithm that maximizes speaker
performance while protecting the speaker:
Fully embedded software, no additional license fee, or porting required
Fully integrated solution, including DSP, amplifier, DC-to-DC, thermal sensing
Adaptive excursion control - guarantees that the speaker membrane excursion never
exceeds its rated limit
Real-time temperature protection - direct measurement ensures that voice coil
temperature never exceeds its rated limit
Environmentally aware - automatically adapts speaker parameters to acoustic and
thermal changes including compensation for speaker-box leakage
Clip avoidance - DSP algorithm prevents clipping even with sagging supply voltage
Automatic bandwidth extension to increase low-frequency response
TFA9894D high output power: 5.6 W (AVG) into 8 Ω at 4.0 V supply voltage
(THD = 1 %, VBST = 10 V), 6.2 W (AVG) into 4 Ω at 4.0 V supply voltage (THD = 1 %,
VBST = 9 V)
Support handset and hands-free (4 Ω to 32 Ω) speaker configurations.
High efficiency, low power dissipation, and low noise speaker driver (dynamic
range > 110 dB).
Adaptive DC-to-DC converter increases the supply voltage smoothly when switching
between fixed boost and adaptive boost mode, preventing large battery supply spikes
and limiting quiescent power consumption.
Wide supply voltage range (fully operational from 2.7 V to 5.5 V)
Very low noise output (typical 14 μV with null DATA input at Fs = 48 kHz)
I2C-bus control interface (400 kHz)
Speaker current and voltage monitoring (via the TDM-bus), as well as DSP data output
(with and without pilot tone) for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) at the host.
Various sample frequencies supported: 16 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz
Configurable full duplex 4-wires TDM input interface.
Programmable interrupt control via a dedicated interrupt pin
Thermal foldback and over temperature protection
15 kV system-level ESD protection without external components on amplifier output
Product data sheet
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Rev. 1 — 14 May 2019
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