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भाग संख्या 82P33910-1
समारोह Synchronization System
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82P33910-1 pdf
82P33910-1 Datasheet
IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a packet-based syn-
chronization mechanism used in packet-switched networks. PTP synchro-
nizes the clocks of different devices with the most accurate clock on the
network – usually a precise, grandmaster clock, such as one using a Pri-
mary Reference Time Clock (PRTC) time signal. The 82P33910-1 is a soft-
ware and hardware system that can operate as a PTP slave or PTP
master. As a PTP slave the 82P33910-1 recovers accurate and stable
electrical synchronization signals from a packet based reference gener-
ated by a PTP master. As a PTP master the 82P33910-1 can lock to a sta-
ble electrical clock source and generate packet based PTP references for
downstream PTP slaves
The 82P33910-1 is available with several software and hardware options.
The software options are outlined in Table 1 by root part number. The
hardware options depend on the choice of Synchronization Management
Unit (SMU) hardware; the SMU hardware documentation is listed in
Table 3 by root part number.
Table 1: Software Options by Root Part Number
Root Part Number
Included Software
IDT clock recovery servo software
IDT clock recovery servo software
IEEE 1588 Protocol Stack
System Component Documentation
The detailed characteristics of the 82P33910-1 software and hardware
components are described in other documents as shown in Table 2 and
Table 3.
Table 2: Software Documentation
Software System Component
82P33910-1 IEEE 1588 software
Software Documentation
Please contact IDT
Table 3: SMU Hardware Documentation
Root Part Number
82P33810 datasheet
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April 5, 2017

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