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भाग संख्या WT51F516
समारोह Flash Type General Purpose Microcontroller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Weltrend Semiconductor 
लोगो Weltrend Semiconductor लोगो 
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WT51F516 pdf
WT51F516 v1.02
Flash Type General Purpose microcontroller
V1.02 01/31/2012
1. Add « typical application circuit » section
2. Update electrical Characteristics
3. Update section 5.20 analog comparator register description.
4. Add ADC register notice at section 5.18
5. Add Temperature sensor description at section 5.19
6. Update location table description (section 9.2)
7. Modify part number “51F516-SG160WT” to “51F516-SG161WT”
8. Modify pin description
V1.01 09/15/2011
1. Update SOP 16 pin package dimension
V1.00 08/23/2011
1. Remove SG080 package type
2. Add GPIOC1 notice for UG320 package type(section 5.6.)
V0.97 07/20/2011
1. Modify section 5.4. watchdog timer description
V0.96 07/20/2011
1. Update section 7.2. QFN32 package dimension description
V0.95 07/19/2011
2. Update section 2.3. pin description for add IRQ[3:0] pin information and die information.
3. Update section 3. selection guide for add die information
4. Update section 4. function block diagram for add “IRQ process”
5. Update section 5.1.5. SFR description
6. Move 01H register bit[3-2] to 04H register
7. Add 03H register for control GPIOC[1] & GPIOA[7] SMT input buffer.
8. Add watchdog timer detect time 33m & 66ms (register 0AH)
9. Add enhance timer wake up source (register 29H)
10. Update interrupt register (30H ~ 34H)
(a) Add enhance timer interrupt source
(b) Add analog comparator interrupt source,
(c) Update all-input toggle interrupt register define position
(d) Add IRQ[3:0] interrupt source
11. Add IRQ[3:0] setting register (3AH ~ 3BH)
12. Add enhance timer function (section 5.11.)
13. Remove register 40H bit-6 “SI_TLO_EN’ (section 7.15. C touch counter)
14. Add register 38H bit-4 RTC_RESET, to reset RTC module.
15. Update section 7.2. QFN32 package dimension description
16. Add Bonding diagram and Location table for DIE.(section 7.)
V0.94 04/06/2011
1. Add SOP8 package
2. update LVD register description
V0.93 03/24/2011
Change product to WT51F516 (from WT69P5)
Note: WT51F516 V0.93 released in 2011/3/24
V0.92 02/07/2011
Copyright2012 Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Weltrend reserves right to modify all information contained in this document without notice.
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