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I What is the Temperature Powerful Sensor (TPS)? I
Applicable area for Each thermal device (Difference between Controller and Protector)
Positioning Chart of Various thermal device
Applicable area by Matsuo
Electronic Thermostat
for Laboratories and Research
( )Centers with Full Functions
Suitable for data collection by connecting
to PC and/or measurement device
(Temperature Power Sensor)
Bimetal Type
Bimetal Thermostat
for Small Consumer
Electric Appliances
Thermal Reed (Toaster, electric grill,
Japanese foot
warmer, etc.)
Disk Type
of thermal protector
(Bimetal Type)
Thermal Fuse
• Thermostat is a temperature switch that controls
temperature in a specified range with a heater (heat
source) or cooler (cooling device, fan) as load.
• A variety of thermal device includes electronic types,
bimetal types, liquid expansion types, thermal reed
magnetic force types, temperature fuses, etc..
• Two major functions of thermal device are controller
and protector.
Thermostat used to maintain temperature in a
specified range. The most common product is an
electronic thermostat.
Required characteristics are small ON/OFF
temperature difference (differential), accuracy, long
life, etc..
It is mainly used for the safety device of heaters,
motors, etc.. This type of thermal protector is used
as a safety device that cuts electric power when the
temperature rises over the specified temperature.
Generally, it accepts large differential and short life .
The chart above (Position for Various Thermostat) shows the positioning of six popular products.
The largest circle on top indicates the electronic thermostat's position.
Electronic Thermostat (for laboratories and research centers)
The representative controller is, not to mention, an electronic thermostat. However, the conventional electronic
thermostat is expensive and used specifically for laboratories and research centers.
Temperature Powerful Sensor(TPS)
The TPS is comprised of a sharp snap spring which can be used semi-permanently, a flat bimetal free from material
strain, and two flat bimetals for improving the sensitivity. As a result, the TPS can regulate temperature accurately,
which is a replacement of the electronic thermostat.
Capillary Thermostat (liquid expansion method)
Most controllers had been this type before electronic thermostat was introduced to the market and had been utilized
for both industry and consumer appliances. However, due to its large structure and the heat interference defect in the
capillary tube, the number of applications seem to be decreasing.
TRS Thermal Reed Switch (magnetic type)
The problem is that the contact capacity is limited to less than 0.5A and that the contact does not snap or trip. Another
problem is that this type of product is not suited for planned production because the temperature sensitive magnet is a
burned component that makes it difficult to control additive elements and burning temperature to enable specific
operation temperature ranges.
Disk Type of thermal protector
DISK (DISC) type of thermal protector is the general term for a sensor because of its shape. A single disk serves for
temperature sensing and contact snapping. Because the structure is simple, it is inexpensive and most protectors are
of this type. It is said that no alternative protector of different structure will be developed soon. However, this disk type
of thermal protector has defects because its differential is large and specified temperatures gradually change because
steel (non-spring material) is used for the contact and it must trip against large internal stress. Therefore, this structure
cannot be used for a controller.
Thermal Fuse
As it is well known, thermal fuses cannot be used repeatedly. It is a primitive type of protector. Due to its simplicity and
low price, demand for this safety device will continue.

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