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Preliminary W91030B
The Winbond Caller Identification device W91030B, is a low power CMOS integrated circuit used to
receive physical layer signals transmitted according to Bellcore and British Telecom (BT)
specifications. There are two types of Caller Identifications, the first type is on-hook calling with caller
ID message and the second type is call on waiting. The W91030B device provides all the features
and functions of the Caller Identification specification for both these types, including FSK
demodulation, Tone Alert Signal detection and ring detection. The FSK demodulation function can
demodulate Bell 202 and CCITT V.23 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) with 1200 baud rate. The Tone
Alert Signal detect function can detect the dual tones of the Bellcore CPE* Tone Alerting Signal
(CAS) and the BT idle State and Loop State Tone Alert Signal. The line reversal for BT, ring burst for
CCA or ring signal for Bellcore can be detected by the ring detector.
There are two modes of FSK data output interface. The first mode is a data transfer activated by the
device, whose clock and data change depending upon the changing frequency of the FSK analog
signal input. The second mode allows a microcontroller to extract 8-bit data from the device serially;
the device notifies the micro-controller when 8-bit data has been received.
Note: "CPE*" Customer Primises Equipment
Compatible with Bellcore TR-NWT-000030 & SR-TSV-002476, British Telecom (BT) SIN227, U.K.
Cable Communications Association (CCA) specification
Ring and line reversal detection
Bellcore CPE Alerting Signal (CAS) and BT idle State and Loop State Tone Alerting Signal
detection use dual tone alerting signal detector
BELL 202 and CCITT V.23 FSK demodulation with 1200 baud rate
Use 3.579545 MHz crystal or ceramic resonator
Low power CMOS technology with sleep mode
High input sensitivity
Variable gain input amplifier
FSK carry detect output
Two modes for 3-wire FSK data interface
Packaged in 24-pin 0.6 inch (600 mil) plastic DIP (W91030B) and 24-pin 0.3 inch (300 mil) plastic
SOP (W91030BS).
Bellcore Calling Identity Delivery (CID), and BT Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP), CCA CLIP
Feature phones
Phone set adjunct boxes
FAX and answering machines
Data base telephone system and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems

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