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भाग संख्या 73K222AU
समारोह Single-Chip Modem
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स TDK 
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Single-Chip Modem
with UART
The 73K222AU integrates an industry standard
8250/16C450 UART function with the modem
capability provided by the 73K222L single chip
modem IC. The 73K222AU is designed specifically
for integral microprocessor bus intelligent modem
products. These designs typically require the
standard 8250 or higher speed 16450 UART to
perform parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel
conversion process necessary to interface a parallel
bus with the inherently serial modem function. The
73K222AU provides a highly integrated design
which can eliminate multiple components in any
integral bus modem application, and is ideal for
internal PC modem applications.
The 73K222AU includes two possible operating
modes. In the dual-port mode, the device is suitable
for conventional plug-in modem card designs which
use a separate local microprocessor for command
interpretation and control of the modem function. In
this mode, a dedicated microcontroller
communicates with the 73K222AU using a separate
serial command port. In the single-port mode the
main CPU can control both the UART and modem
function using the parallel data bus. This allows very
efficient modem design with no local microprocessor
required for dedicated applications such as laptop
PC’s or specialized terminals.
To make designs more space efficient, the
73K222AU includes the 2-wire to 4-wire hybrid
drivers, off-hook relay driver, and an audio monitor
output with software volume control for audible call
progress monitoring. As an added feature the UART
function can be used independent of the modem
function, providing an added asynchronous port in a
typical PC application with no additional circuitry
The UART section of the 73K222AU is completely
compatible with the industry standard 16C450 and
the 8250 UART devices. The bus interface is
identical to the 16450, except that only a single
polarity for the control signals is supported. The
register contents and addresses are also the same
as the 16C450. To insure compatibility with all
existing releases of the 8250 UART design, external
circuitry normally used in PC applications to emulate
8250B or 8250A interrupt operation has been
included on the 73K222AU. A select line is then
provided to enable the desired interrupt operation.
The UART used in the 73K222AU can be used with
faster bus read and write cycles than a conventional
16C450 UART. This allows it to interface directly
with higher clock rate microprocessors with no need
for external circuitry to generate wait states.
The primary function of the UART is to perform
parallel-to-serial conversion on data received from
the CPU and serial-to-parallel conversion on data
received from the internal modem or an external
device. The UART can program the number of bits
per character, parity bit generation and checking,
and the number of stop bits. The UART also
provides break generation and detection, detection
of error conditions, and reporting of status at any
time. A prioritized maskable interrupt is also
The UART block has a programmable baud rate
generator which divides an internal 1.8432 MHz
clock to generate a clock at 16 x the data rate. The
data rate for the transmit and receive sections must
be the same. For DPSK modulation, the data rate
must be 1200 Hz or 600 Hz. For FSK modulation,
the data rate must be 300 Hz or less. The baud
generator can create a clock that supports digital
transfer at up to 115.2 kHz. The output of the baud
generator can be made available at the CLK pin
under program control.
The modem section of the 73K222AU provides all
necessary analog functions required to create a
single chip Bell 212A/103 and CCITT V.22/V.21
modem, controlled by the system CPU or a local
dedicated microprocessor. Asynchronous 1200 bit/s
DPSK (Bell 212A and V.22) and 300 baud FSK (Bell
103 and V.21) modes are supported.
The modem portion acts as a peripheral to the
microprocessor. In both modes of operation, control
information is stored in register memory at specific
address locations. In the single-port mode, the
modem section can be controlled through the
16C450 interface, with no external microcontroller
required. The primary analog blocks are the DPSK
modulator/demodulator, the FSK modulator/
demodulator, the high and low band filters, the AGC,
the special detect circuitry, and the DTMF tone
generator. The analog functions are performed with
switched capacitor technology.

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