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• A/V connectivity and navigation:
— Includes audio connectivity and telematics features
— Map display and route calculation
— QVGA video decode, WVGA video display
— Sophisticated graphical user interface
The i.MX35 processor takes advantage of the ARM1136JF-S™ core running at 532 MHz that is boosted
by a multilevel cache system, and features peripheral devices such as an autonomous image processing
unit, a vector floating point (VFP11) co-processor, and a RISC-based DMA controller.
The i.MX35 supports connections to various types of external memories, such as SDRAM, mobile DDR
and DDR2, SLC and MLC NAND Flash, NOR Flash and SRAM. The device can be connected to a variety
of external devices such as high-speed USB2.0 OTG, ATA, MMC/SDIO, and Compact Flash.
1.1 Features
The i.MX35 is designed for automotive infotainment video-enabled applications. It provides low-power
solutions for applications demanding high-performance multimedia and graphics.
The i.MX35 is based on the ARM1136 platform, which has the following features:
• ARM1136JF-S processor, version r1p3
• 16-Kbyte L1 instruction cache
• 16-Kbyte L1 data cache
• 128-Kbyte L2 cache, version r0p4
• 128 Kbytes of internal SRAM
• Vector floating point unit (VFP11)
To boost multimedia performance, the following hardware accelerators are integrated:
• Image processing unit (IPU)
• OpenVG 1.1 graphics processing unit (GPU) (not available for the MCIMX351)
The MCIMX35 provides the following interfaces to external devices (some of these interfaces are muxed
and not available simultaneously):
• 2 controller area network (CAN) interfaces
• 2 SDIO/MMC interfaces, 1 SDIO/CE-ATA interface (CE-ATA is not available for the MCIMX351)
• 32-bit mobile DDR, DDR2 (4-bank architecture), and SDRAM (up to 133 MHz)
• 2 configurable serial peripheral interfaces (CSPI) (up to 52 Mbps each)
• Enhanced serial audio interface (ESAI)
• 2 synchronous serial interfaces (SSI)
• Ethernet MAC 10/100 Mbps
• 1 USB 2.0 host with ULPI interface or internal full-speed PHY. Up to 480 Mbps if external HS
PHY is used.
• 1 USB 2.0 OTG (up to 480 Mbps) controller with internal high-speed OTG PHY
i.MX35 Applications Processors for Automotive Products, Rev. 10
2 Freescale Semiconductor

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