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डेटा पत्रक - 32 Megabit Serial Flash Memory - EON

भाग संख्या EN25F32
समारोह 32 Megabit Serial Flash Memory
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स EON 
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EN25F32 pdf
32 Megabit Serial Flash Memory with 4Kbytes Uniform Sector
Single power supply operation
- Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6 volt
Serial Interface Architecture
- SPI Compatible: Mode 0 and Mode 3
32 Mbit Serial Flash
- 32 M-bit/4096 K-byte/16384 pages
- 256 bytes per programmable page
High performance
- 100MHz clock rate
Low power consumption
- 12 mA typical active current
- 1 μA typical power down current
Uniform Sector Architecture:
- 1024 sectors of 4-Kbyte
- 64 blocks of 64-Kbyte
- Any sector or block can be
erased individually
Software and Hardware Write Protection:
- Write Protect all or portion of memory via
- Enable/Disable protection with WP# pin
High performance program/erase speed
- Page program time: 1.3ms typical
- Sector erase time: 90ms typical
- Block erase time 500ms typical
- Chip erase time: 25 Seconds typical
Lockable 512 byte OTP security sector
Minimum 100K endurance cycle
Package Options
- 8 pins SOP 200mil body width
- 8 contact VDFN
- 8 pins PDIP
- 16 pin SOP 300mil body width
- All Pb-free packages are RoHS compliant
Industrial temperature Range
The EN25F32 is a 32M-bit (4096K-byte) Serial Flash memory, with advanced write protection
mechanisms, accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus. The memory can be programmed 1 to
256 bytes at a time, using the Page Program instruction.
The EN25F32 is designed to allow either single Sector/Block at a time or full chip erase operation. The
EN25F32 can be configured to protect part of the memory as the software protected mode. The device can
sustain a minimum of 100K program/erase cycles on each sector or block.
This Data Sheet may be revised by subsequent versions
2 ©2004 Eon Silicon Solution, Inc.,
or modifications due to changes in technical specifications.
Rev. G, Issue Date: 2009/10/16

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