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भाग संख्या 6188AA
समारोह p-T-Sensor
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Kistler 
लोगो Kistler लोगो 
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6188AA pdf
p-T-Sensor – for Mold Cavity Pressure and Temperature with Front: ø 1mm, Type 6188AA...
Cable and Amplifier for Measuring Chain with Sensor Type 6188AA...
Cable Type 1667B...
Cable Type 1672B...
(BNC connector) for charge
(TNC connector) for charge
Type 5155AxxBx
Type 5155AxxAx
Type 5155AxxDx
Type 5155AxxCx
Type 5063A1 in Type 2859A...
Type 5063A1 in Type 2865A...
Compensating Line
Type 2295A... for Temperature
Type 5155AxxAx
Type 5155AxxBx
Type 5155AxxCx
Type 5155AxxDx
Compensating Line Type 2290A...
(Open Ends) for Temperature
Type 2207A in Type 2859A...
Type 2207A in Type 2865A...
Fig. 1: Sensor Type 6188AA... with charge and temperature amplifier Type 5155A... or signal contitioner Type 2859/2865A...
4-Channel Cable Type 1995A...
to Connector Type 1708A... for Charge
Type 2869A/B0xx
Type 2869A/B1xx
4-Channel Cable Type 1457A1A...
to Temperature Amplifier Type 2205A... for Temperature
Type 2869A1xx
Type 2869B...
Fig 2: Sensor Type 6188AA... with monitoring system CoMo Injection Type 2869...
This information corresponds to the current state of knowledge. Kistler reserves
the right to make technical changes. Liability for consequential damage resulting
from the use of Kistler products is excluded.
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