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डेटा पत्रक - 16-bit Microcontrollers - Fujitsu Media Devices

भाग संख्या MB90931S
समारोह 16-bit Microcontrollers
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Fujitsu Media Devices 
लोगो Fujitsu Media Devices लोगो 
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MB90931S pdf
MB90930 Series
• Real time watch timer (main clock)
Operates directly from oscillator clock.
Interrupt can be generated by second/minute/hour/date counter overflow.
• PPG timer (6 channels)
Output pins (6 channels), external trigger input pin (1 channel)
Operation clock frequencies : fCP, fCP/22, fCP/24, fCP/26
• Delay interrupt
Generates interrupt for task switching.
Interrupts to CPU can be generated/cleared by software setting.
• External interrupts (8 channels)
8-channel independent operation
Interrupt source setting available : “L” to “H” edge/ “H” to “L” edge/ “L” level/ “H” level.
• 8/10-bit A/D converter (24 channels)
Conversion time : 3 μs (at fCP = 32 MHz)
External trigger activation available (P50/INT0/ADTG)
Internal timer activation available (16-bit reload timer 1)
• UART(LIN/SCI) (4 channels)
Equipped with full duplex double buffer
Clock-asynchronous or clock-synchronous serial transfer is available.
• CAN interface (1 channel).
Conforms to CAN specifications version 2.0 Part A and B.
Automatic resend in case of error.
Automatic transfer in response to remote frame.
16 prioritized message buffers for data and ID
Multiple message support
Flexible configuration for receive filter : Full bit compare/full bit mask/two partial bit masks
Supports up to 1 Mbps
CAN wakeup function (RX connected to INT0 internally)
• LCD controller/driver (32 segment × 4 common)
Segment driver and command driver with direct LCD panel (display) drive capability
• Reset on detection of low voltage/program loop
Automatic reset when low voltage is detected.
Program looping detection function
• Stepping motor controller (4 channels)
High current output for each channel × 4
Synchronized 8/10-bit PWM for each channel × 2
• Sound generator (2 channels)
8-bit PWM signal mixed with tone frequency from 8-bit reload counter.
PWM frequencies : 125 kHz, 62.5 kHz, 31.2 kHz, 15.6 kHz (at fCP = 32 MHz)
Tone frequencies : PWM frequency /2/ , divided by (reload frequency +1)
• Input/output ports
General-purpose input/output port (CMOS output) 93 ports
• Function for port input level selection
• Flash memory security function
Protects the contents of Flash memory (Flash memory product only)
2 DS07-13754-3E

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